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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mike Dill showed up, WTF!?!

Now I know I won't hear any shit from Will Harris about posting yet ANOTHER blog about bands I have previously seen before. I mean c'mon, REALLY! the way Austin music changes, you gotta keep it fresh and real...even if it is a band you have seen before. Just 'cause I have seen Doc Deuce, Fremen (been awhile Will) and Michael Dillard, doesn't mean that something amazing won't happen,. so here I am to tell you stupid heads about it, even those who got too stoned sitting in front of the computer (and forgot how to drive downtown)!

A Friday night and now I am starting to feel the pinch of enjoying to write up shows...missed out on a show at Club Encore, but feel that it was well represented by my friend Dave TeeVee ( ) check out the videos and stills, and you will wish you were there too!

I, instead, opted to hit One2One ( ) and was very happy that I did. Now here is a bit of a side step, as I generally don't talk about the venue 'cause the blog is about the music, RIGHT? NONE THE LESS, this is such a great little bar, with a dog friendly rooftop deck (great for acoustic performances too, Greg) and a great bar staff inside. Totally makes the evening worthwhile to check out local talent and out of towners stopping by to put their talents on display.

Doc Deuce ( ) hit it up first, and as I have said previously, this is well beyond intelligent and mind blowing music that you have to hear to believe. Doc is multi directional with the fun of his music and lyrics. A busy man, as he supports several powerful initiatives here in Austin that are very important to both the LIVE music community as well as the art of Hip Hop itself. Take a moment outta your life and during the week (yes! you can catch him doing many things during the week) or on the weekend, take in a performance of Doc Deuce, listen and learn!

Fremen ( ) - Last show/performance MY ASS! I am here to tell all of you, I haven't seen these guys on stage for quite a while and it was better than great when they tore it up at the One2One this night! The rhymes and music were tight as hell and, better than anything, I can say was the crowd down in front. Hands up in the air and just a sea of bodies moving and pulsing up and down to the music. Good job guys, this is the way to kick this shit on a hot ass night in the ATX! No doubt in my mind, with the packed house that it was, we got a hellfied performance outta the Fremen. The way it should always be! If you read this and havent seen them before, keep an eye out and an ear open, if and when they perform again, HIT it and enjoy it!

Ahhhh, Michael Dillard ( I couldn't move through the F**KIN bar to get from the back to the front. I am trying to do my part in passing out copies of the CD and write the blog to get yer asses out to a show, apparently Michael doesn't need my help cause he packs'em in like sardines everytime! But damn if I dont like going to his perfomances and watching the crowd react, it's different everytime and his energy is continuing to climb with each performance (not saying he is not energetic, but you gotta make a point of doing this so you can say you were there)! No doubt that there is a fan base here and the crowd just loves his performance and music. Singing along and dancing like there is no tomorrow (proof by the chick in the microscopic blue dress that was burning up the club in front of the stage...OWWWW!) Got video of Dillard doing a cover of 'Crazy' that I believe is to die for.

So! for the question about the title of the of the blog and this Mike Dill person. Haven't seen him on stage performing either as a guest or in any other fashion since MAYBE SXSW (and I may be wrong at that). Michael Dillards last song of the night had Will Harris from Fremen, Doc Deuce, and the one and only MC Overlord take part, BUT then Overlord started poking and poking and poking to have Mike Dill wrap up the night with some rhymes. BAM!!!! There he was and how sweet it was too! Can't tell y'all enough to get out and support the live local music scene, maybe the one night you decide to and you will have an amazing night like this, if you are lucky!