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Friday, July 9, 2010

the other half of the 3rd

So, as reading this, you realize and know that Angel Skye (my beautiful and talented daughter) wrote up the Aimless Gun performance from Carlos n Charlies 3rd of July Beach Bash. If you didn't read it or didn't know, your a douche bag and should now stop reading this, scroll back to the earlier post, and check it out. Because Angel Skye was so diligently watching ALL of the performances she will be assisting me with this entire blog, so enjoy and see if ya can tell where her input is vs mine.

Aimless Gun, The Will Evans Project, Eyes Burn Electric, Mothers Anthem, Hebegebee's, and Vallejo. REALLY, and you weren't there. C'mon y'all it was the 3rd of July, not the 4th. None the less it was a hot, humid day on the beach, the sun was out and the crowd was beautiful. People on the upper outside deck, the lower outside deck, and a few brave souls out early on the beach. As the evening drew on, the crowd did get bigger on the beach right up to the Hebegebee's, then the fireworks, and then (OF COURSE) Vallejo exploded onto the stage. The selection of music was so different and eclectic that everyone HAD TO have a good time. An amazing day turned into great evening.

Aimless Gun was up first (see ) and then Will Evans Project ( ), here again we have some unassuming guys take the stage and really light it up. Will Evans Project has more of an Alt rock feel than Aimless, but very fun. They really came onto the stage and proved how eager they were to play for the crowd by firing it up right away. What made them so impressive was that they didn't seem like they were playing for the crowd but for the love of playing the music. More great tuneage for hanging at the lake (or on a boat as Angel Skye so eloquently put it earlier). Here we really got to see a little more of the early evening crowd that enjoyed Aimless swaying and rockin to the beat of WEP. Good thing that the beer was a flowin this evening because DAMN! it was getting hotter with the music and the sun. Check out the Will Evans Project page for club/appearances in Austin and the surrounding area. Here is a link to the video shot from the show ( ).

Eyes Burn Electric really stepped it up another notch with their performance. Not really hard rock but was something with more of an edge to it. This is where the audience really started participating singing along and dancing to the music. A few covers thrown in with their upbeat groovable originals, but the performance was the hook that proved these guys are audience worthy (undoubtedly). The power of these guys were enough to have the rain gods let it all out after their rendition of 'Billie Jean'. And like some signal from the unknown, it poured (damn the rain felt good too)  but right on Que it stopped with the end of their performance...these guys are Voodoo good.

Mothers Anthem - in Angels humble opinion, they brought in the biggest crowd of the evening (outside of Vallejo). The energy and intensity of the lead singer was contagious and showed that they were about the show and performance for the audience. To leave the stage and have everybody remember their name really seemed like their goal. "And i think they did a great job because they had tons of people lined up at the merch booth getting autographs and taking pictures." The lead singers voice was powerful and smooth, almost an "edgy R&B sound" and it's proven in the song "God Save the Queen". These guys really rounded out the evening for the first three bands to this. I think that whenever they perform here in town you HAVE TO check out a show AT LEAST one show, then maybe more if you really get the fever for Mothers Anthem.
Now for the real Latin rhythm and performance, the Hebegebees just stole it from the other kids and didn't give back the lollipop. The dual vocals were so perfectly matched it can't even be described, an R&B Latin mash up that you can't wait to hear. The crowd now filled the beach and swayed to such a smooth groove, here is where ya danced with the ladies!

OK! This is written after the fact. I saw the C & C fireworks and then saw the fireworks @ Auditorium Shores. UHHMMM, C & C was way WAY better...and I am just talking about the fireworks, nothing to do with performances just the fireworks presentation...WOW!

and now for the meat of the evening, a first for both Angel Skye AND me! Vallejo!!! From hearing these boys practice in South Austin, listening to the albums, watching the video performances, and hearing friends talk shit about how great they are live....HERE WE WERE! Got to spend some time hanging out with Omar during the day, great story teller and a genuine and friendly guy (you know the truth is he's with Vallejo and is a Vallejo so he could be a dick, but uh-uh!). Angels description was almost in tears. The music is so amazing, the performance is so energizing, the audience participation is there. They ARE showman! and not just front man A.J., but all of them, hamming it up, laying it out, and baring their souls to all of us. The variety and selection of music is breathtaking and stunning. Shit you know, stuff you didn't know you knew, and new things to make you believe in music and live performances again! Angel described that being down in front (and she was literally DOWN IN FRONT) was so powerful an that she really had to fight back the urge to jump onstage. WHOA girl, daddy ain't got bail money for a 14 year old stage crasher, LOL. To sum it up for the Vallejo performance, it was something for the fact THREE generations to be exact as I found my father in the audience enjoying the show, my daughter at the stage, and I was just grateful to be there.

Thanks Omar and A.J. for a lifetime of memories!

photos by: Angelina Tompkins and her daddy
special thanks to Angel Skye for her invaluable input in the writing of this piece. Love you baby girl.