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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

They got yo kids!!!!

DeadPool ( is from San Antonio, but definitely seemed at home in Austin. For the few people that were there in attendance, we enjoyed. Too few to mosh and thrash, but still enjoy the shit outta their music. Typical short set for first up, but you should look forward to them coming back to Austin and getting to play a later set. Now, Club Encore is well suited for these guys and they are well suited to kick some thrash on a later set time. Let the crowds kill each other in the pit when they hit the stage. Good stuff.

Shrapnel, ( well know these guys were just sharp. The duel guitars with completely different sounds, and I'll be damned if the lead singer didn't remind me of a very young Ted Nugent (though he surely didn't sound like him). These guys got the stamp of approval from Angel. "I just love the sound of the [lead] guitar. And the singers voice is sooo good." and actually they pulled off some great stuff. Got the audience in on some of the music and even had the balls to chastise the now growing crowd, "Man I don't know why you weren't here earlier, Deadpool KILLED IT!" They did play one song that was an intstumental and said they weren't sure if they should put lyrics to it. Say guys, great song, but as I stood there in the crowd listening to it and watching the crowd, put lyrics to it! Everybody was just kinda standing there, as awesome as the song is, everybody just stood there. HOOK IT UP!
The Dirty Wormz ( , , ) so I wrote about their performance at the Rozone Showcase for SXSW and I thought they were supremely entertaining. uh-duh, that was a VERY abbreviated set compared to this night. Odd thing to me was how many kids were in the audience, it just seemed weird. Nothing wrong with it, just odd. And just to prove how diverse the crowd is, I was standing next to the bass player for Sacrefix and Vows in Ashes (what up Jay).

My blog is all about the performance, I don't try to review the music, I leave that to you. To me it's about the performance, the stage presence, the stage presentation. G*ddammit if the Wormz didn't bring down the house. From the latex incased woman that leads the band out, to Dirty D and Jax with their masks on, Doc just stands there and creeps you out. For the Dirty Wormz it is ALL about the performance. Mix that with a crazy metal grind, DJ Crash doing some crazy mixes with heavy metal you've never heard, a live drum sound (no drum machine here) and a unique vocalization by front man Smackola, it is as much about entertaining the audiences eyes as it is their ears. Check out these two videos to get a weak ass idea of how much fun the shows are (I say 'weak ass' cause it's a weren't there) and (
For a local Austin born band that has been around as long as they have been, I am sad I haven't been to more live shows. I am glad they are not stopping to rest yet (new project on the horizon - 10.10.10, Kobosh). It seems like they have plenty more to come. I have said this before and it definitely rings true here, see them now, see them soon, don't regret it, because once you've seen it and experienced WILL BE A WORM HEAD too!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Where will you B

Saturday night, 03/27 Club Encore - Dirty Wormz

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Scoot Inn to the night

Alrighty then, I am now slightly refreshed from writing til 2:30 in the morning (thanks Shea for keeping me awake to finish the first half).
So after seeing Rodney Branigan, Midnight Bombers, and Mingo Fishtrap we were now in for the CRAZIEST performance of the night.Peelander Z ( ) WTF!!!! Uhm, I think this is performance art at it's highest level. These guys did not show up from Planet Peelander (yeah check their myspace page) just to play music, they came to TAKE OVER THE WORLD! (or just your mind). This is undoubtedly the most insane, frantic, spastic band I have EVER seen. It was all fun, complete audience participation is required or just go home. They are billed as Punk and for the most part I could hear it. I have nothing bad to say about this because it was so different and as part of the collective whole for the day it was awesome. Just to give you a little insight on how surprising they are, a couple of the Aimless Gun boys and their manager showed up during the performance, none of us could stop laughing at the same time we were asking ourselves "I don't know what to think", "are they for real", "I think I like the music". So please take my word on this one, check them out next year when they make a return to SXSW (this is their third trip here).This is what I came for (no offense to any of the other amazing performances that Angel and I experienced) to see The Dirty Wormz ( and ). I have listened to their music for several years now, loved "Top of the food chain" (props to Overlord), and heard about the intensity of their shows. Yes it was ALL good! I am happy to be one of the lucky people that knows Overlord, and while sitting with him in the back of The Scoot Inn The Wormz started showing up and gravitating towards him (lucky me). Met the guys in the band, joked around, and had a laugh at the damage that Father Time has done to Overlords memory,

Wormz - " Whatcha doin on your phone "
Ovey - "Lookin up lyrics!"
everyone - "WHAT!"
Ovey - "Say I haven't performed Top of the food chain in forever, I just wanna make sure I get it right"
Wormz - "Oh, don't worry about that we'll help ya through"

So the Wormz hit the stage, gave an very nice Sunday morning sermon (for the heathens that didn't attend before going downtown to see the show) and then completely LIT IT UP. Just like the band before them, they were about the performance, the show, and the music! Their costumes were potent enough to scare the crap out of Angel and even some other chick in the audience who would shriek every time her boyfriend pushed her towards the stage. AAHHH and then that moment came when they fired up 'Top o the food chain', Overlord was called up and sure as shit he owned the mic with no doubt and no hesitation. Like there was even a doubt! Much audience participation, the hard hitting riffs, and punchy vocals, all the shit I heard about and came to see. I am excited to be able to see them perform again soon (03/27/2010 -Club Encore), be there or "Rubik's cube".

...and finally the man, the myth, the legend...MC Overlord ( ) himself. I wondered, after seeing the performance and energy of the Wormz, how could he follow that. What a STUPID ass thought, he mixed it up a bit, jumped into it and proved why HE IS a 13x Live Hip-Hop Artist of the year in Austin!!!! It was a short set, but he stayed on fire the whole time (even got Michael Dillard onstage to through  down with some lines (still think Mike has a fucking great and unique voice). The really nice thing is that the boys from Aimless Gun were in the house and, FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, got to see MC Overlord perform. I will tell ya, his energy is amazing, the music is supreme and to see those guys faces after his performance after the show, really said it all. This guy is an Austin icon and has inspired so many people, and for a couple of guys that he's repping and booking, you know it must've been awe inspiring to realize he doesn't talk shit, he is the shit!


How many people did you meet?

First and foremost I would like to say how proud I am of Austin music and the support that all of the musicians give each other. It was amazing to see all of this talent together in one spot supporting the music. Oh and what music it was! Some of the most diverse shit I have heard in one spot in a LONG time.

So thanks to The Fremen, Aimless Gun, and Michael Dillard for being there, hanging out, cheering the acts on, laughing, carrying on, and having a generally bad ass time on a cold ass day.
And all of you WILL know my daughter by the end of this particular blog (and I suppose it will be a two part er as there is a lot of info to post), because there will be ALOT of pictures of the bands in this particular blog and she seems to be in them all.

First up, which seemed awfully damned early on this very cold Sunday was Rodney Branigan ( ). The little blurb on his MySpace says "The Impossibly Talented", I don't really know about that, it would seem to be a modest understatement after watching him perform. Now please remember that this was about 3 pm in the afternoon on a Sunday, and Saturday has been a loooong day and night. So, for those few brave, stoic souls that made it, it was definitely worth it. Rodney did amazing shit with not one guitar, but two. Now Angel told me she saw his video where he played two guitars AT ONE TIME, I just kind of smiled and said "wow that sounds cool", what a douche I am, He did and boy DID HE! Congratulations to those who were in attendance at that point in time. Please make a mental note and file that away as a point in time where you witnessed something impossible, stunning, and great, because it was a time to remember. His from Texas (of course..DUH!), but currently resides in London (WTF, dude, really).
Next was an unexpected treat, Midnight Bombers ( ) from San Francisco, Ca. This was some crazzyass shit to have thrown in your face this early, ESPECIALLY on a Sunday. But damned if it was totally great. Austin has a decent hardcore/punk scene and I would sooo like for these guys to make a return trip to Austin for the 'Chaos in Tejas' punk fest in May. I kinda felt for them as it appeared the only two people really having fun and yelling back at them during their performance, were Angel and myself. I even tried to start moshing but just succeeded in pissing off Angel, HA! None the less they kept it true to the genre, "12 songs in 18 minutes" the lead singer informed those in attendance. Hell yeah! that's what I'm talking about. You late suckers who saw Peelander Z and The Wormz, and enjoyed that, missed out on the fun.Mingo Fishtrap ( ) climbed the stage at the back of The Scoot Inn for the next performance of the day (and by the way, I must say this little place is starting to grow on me). AHHHHHHH what a great sound ANY time of day. Always, ALWAYS have enjoyed the big sound of the Memphis/Chicago blues (with a touch of that Mississippi Delta Blues thrown in to make you feel all warm inside). Apparently the audience would agree with me as it was nice to see the crowd finally approaching the stage and starting to groove it up, look alive, and move a little. Angel stayed down in front for their whole performance and this made me feel good, as I felt the diversity of their music opening her young mind (thanks guys from Mingo Fishtrap and education in music I know she will NEVER forget)! Even Overlord pronounced "His voice is so sweet it makes me wanna cry just listening!" DAMN! I just sat back and enjoyed the whole set top to bottom.
OK, It's 2:30 am, I am going to bed, wait for the rest of my shit tomorrow. EHH who the hell am I kidding, not a GD person out there eagerly waiting for me to post a 2:30 in the fucking morning, HA! Anyway, read, enjoy, pass it on. Be back in a bit for the the last half.


Monday, March 22, 2010

Nothing's Sacred

That's right, even the beautiful and special event of a quinceanera. You know, it's all private, by invitation only, right? Hey! If there's a live band performing and I am there, I am gonna write about it. Thanks to Jesse "The Jammer" Cruz for the inviting my family and I to be a part of this wonderful event.

Now, to those of you who have never been to a quinceanera or don't know what it is, I AM NOT going to try to explain. Just ask a friend of yours who you think would know.

I am happy to say that the performance I saw was from a Tejano band call Grupo Vida ( ), they hail from San Antonio. Like the title of my blog, this was another great performance. Tejano music is not generally my forte, but I loved this performance and apparently everyone in the hall did as well. It was the perfect mix of Tejano, country (which I really liked and enjoyed), and some cover tunes. They even did a tejano/rock cover of "I Love Rock n Roll" (which made my son Billy really happy, as this is his favorite song). They poured out their souls onto the dance floor and you could feel it. All were smiling, laughing, singing along (thanks Mingo, I can do without the serenade next time) and dancing. You know damn well that it's good music and a fun band when you see people in the crowd dancing with their house shoes/slippers on (oh and I WILL be posting photos of that Bel). I did briefly speak with the singer and the guitarist who confirmed that they were on their way to Austin to perform at SXSW that very same night...yeowch! I hope they were received there as well as they were at this event.

I don't know how often they make it up here to Austin, but if you are down with the good dance music and a fun time to be had by all, check them out.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

got Lucky at the Lounge

So I had all good intentions of getting to The Lucky Lounge early enough to see Micheal Dillard, but alas I suck [sigh] (Sorry Mike, but you know I'll catch you again REAL soon)!

Anyway I walked in just as Aimless Gun started their acoustic performance here at Lucky Lounge. I spotted Overlord on the upper deck and gave my props, took up a spot by the stage and proceeded to listen and enjoy.

So I thought these kids were good at The Saxon Pub (yes I wanted to hear more of the vocals), but WOW! Acoustically these guys are even more powerful. Vocal harmonization was wonderful, the accompaniment was spot on (thanks Shea for pegging it all in the red). This shit was just fucking great 'unplugged'. I think they are so much more captivating in this manner and mood because, every piece of the music, stood out so well you could taste it. Man that's fucking kinda weird to say. What I mean is, you could hear the vocals and understand them beautifully, the lead guitar was just crystalline (really, Zach totally destroyed it on the six string acoustic guitar), loved the stand up bass, and the drums brought in the fill without overpowering anything, it was just a great mix. I know I am kind of gushing, but damn it really was a better, fuller, cleaner and brighter sound than what I heard before.

Y'all really need to take advantage and see these kids here in Austin where it's cheap (and sometimes free), plugged or 'unplugged' (now my preference) it! Don't wait until they pull a Los Lonely boys, then you're fucked, cause your not a friend of the band when that're just another fan (HA!)


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Saturday night and Bobby Bookout's ALRIGHT!

I have had this co-worker bugging me for about a year, "You gotta see these guys I know, the band is called Fremen (from the book 'Dune'). They'll totally blow your mind." This is the exclamation from David (props). So Saturday night I rambled on down to the Dirty Dog to see my friend Bobby Bookout and wouldn't ya know who was opening...Fremen. Leaned over to my best friend Danny, who checked into the club with me, and said "I've heard about these guys, but never heard them."

Fremen ) Their sound is definitely some Sunday morning, waking up from a sick hangover, kind of music. The sound is very mellow, laid back, with enjoyable rhythms. I even heard a Latin island kinda sound in there. The duel vocals were such a different sound, one slow and smooth, the other on the rapid attack. The vocal blend to the music is decidedly unexpected, so now that I have heard the Fremen, I love the music.

...and now for an after dinner late, LATE night snack...Bobby Bookout )! Now that was a kick ass opening to the set, fast and fun, hot damn I wish my wife was here (she would've died with all the damn cigarette smoke though). I remain thoroughly impressed as it was pretty damn near a packed house and as soon as Bobby hit the stage there was actually a push forward. WTF?!?

The lead guitar seemed to have that Memphis blues sound as he played some of his licks and as I sat there looking around at everyone enjoying the music, I came to the stark realization that this is just simply BAD ASS date music. Now hear my out before you laugh to hard (and before you get pissed Bobby), but it's like this...dinner, maybe a movie, and then a nice live performance, "warm it up before you take it home" kind of music, ha! There I said it!

It's rocking enough for the guys to like and smooth enough to make all the ladies squeal and yell. Bobby even has a couple of pantie droppers in his repertoire, and I am telling you all the ladies were on the dance floor, down in front dancing and swinging away. This was repeated a second time right at the end of the set and this time the ladies were dragging the men out onto the floor and grinding it out. NOW do ya see what I mean by "date music".

Thanks Bobby Bookout, look forward to the next one. I think i'll take a date and we'll have dinner on our way to the show ;-)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Busy Weekend

Bobby Bookout TONITE, Dirty Dog! late show - 12:30
Ryan Harkrider Sunday, Antoines - It's Ryans Birthday Party - 8:30 pm
Mike Dillard and Aimless Gun - Monday, Lucky Lounge - 10:00 pm

March 16th - Sacrefix @Red7 (SXSW warmup)
March 16th - Aimless Gun @Saxon Pub

Monday, March 1, 2010

Another shot from Aimless Gun

So here is ptII you were promised. Although this particular blog isn't really about 'Another Great Performance' it is kind of about that other great performance I saw Sat night and posted earlier.

So I wake up LATE Sunday morning after crawling in at about 3:30 a.m. from the Aimless Gun performance Sat night (nice!), and J asks me about how MC Overlord got tied to this band. Like 'Shock and Awe' I sat there, stunned for a moment, and realized "that is such a bad ass question." You know, I really dont ever want to take advantage of my friendship with Ovey, nor do I EVER want to sound like a REAL journalist, but I had to ask.

As "early" as it was on a Sunday morning after a show I shot him a text, "Yo big poppa, gotta chat witcha for just a couple of minutes before I start/post my blog. Just info on you and the bands ties."
"A little early to be texting Overlord", J stated. My reply.."nah. He'll probably call later, he's still asleep." WRONG...two minutes later my phones busting with "see you at the crossroads" (Oveys ringtone). WTF your kidding me right.

O - "sup killa?"
me - "uhmm, your up kinda early"
O - "about to hit the studio with the boys"
me - "NO SHIT!"

So here is the dirt, MC Overlord had this crazy cool fan (props to Dale Daugherty) that went to all of the Thursday night gigs at the 'Dirty Dog'. "He kept bugging me for like three weeks to check out this band. After about a month I finally broke and gave the boys a listen online (their MySpace music page @ Had to sign 'em sight unseen, put them up as an MC Overlord presents: headlining." Several gigs, an EP (GO GET IT, fuckers), a CD release party, and a gig at The Saxon Pub, here we are.

I hear that the boys will be working with Vallejo for their full length LP (WOW! I am impressed)!

To Shea, - keep up the good work. Remember I got security for ya.
To Doc, - keep those boys feet on the ground, even when their heads are in the clouds, or they'll hear about in print, lol!
To Ovey, - to be able to "Pay it forward" is the greatest gift any one man can do to leave his legacy and have all remember him no matter what. Don't worry, I know your work ain't done yet (still got that boy from Laredo who needs a big guiding hand like yours)!
To Mike Dill, - GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE! I got to meet Mike muthafuckin Dill. That was some cool ass shit. Mike, gimmee a shout for your next gig, love to put it in print.

Hope ya'll enjoyed the inside info!!!


Aimless Gun hits their mark

So Saturday night was gonna be busy. Get outta work, get home, change, grab my beautiful wife, and make a return to The Saxon it's been a loooong time. Now this is a bonus show, just so you know and understand. Invited by MC Overlord to check out this new band Aimless Gun, only to find out Patrice was on right before them. Patrice Pike, haven't seen her live since???? I did watch that rockstar show on TV, when she was vying for the lead job of INXS*, hate to say I'm glad she didn't make it, but I am happy she is still rockin it locally. Enough blah blah blah, on to the show.

The Saxon Pub was packed! SOLD OUT! BEYOND CAPACITY!!! I had a friend show up after we did and waited outside for almost 30 min in a line to get in.

Patrice is very fun to watch, such a petite woman and a huge stage presence, even a little stage in the corner of The Saxon Pub, she is definitely larger than life. Her set was nice, started out tame, mixed in a little Sister7, then ended with a roar. When the artist is up on stage having fun it always makes the show that much more enjoyable. Patrice ended the show by jumping on the drums. No doubt she can rockit, had the whole damn place on its feet at the end, even pulled out an encore, NICE!

So what about Aimless Gun? HMMM, let me see how I want to do this, show info first and then band info in a separate blog.? What do ya think? ......I like that idea, think that's how I'll give it to you. So, on with the show!!

Got to meet Miles (bass) and Cody (guitar and vocals), courtesy of MC Overlord, before the show. Miles was absolutely blown away that the band was playing at The Saxon Pub. "I knew we'd get to play here, but not this soon. This is amazing!" Miles enthusiasm carried over into the performance, that's for sure. Once on stage, these four young men really let go. Can't imagine how nerve racking and hard it would be to follow Patrice Pike, but these boys really lit up! and for all of you who left the pub after Patrice...IDIOTS!

Their set had a little mellow, some fast, all rock, and a lot of fun! Cody's vocals where perfect for the sound, but I think a bigger stage and definitely a better sound mix would so fit his pipes. Miles on the bass had some fun and really let go at the intro of one of their songs, Awesome. Zach was really hot on the lead guitar, somehow I heard a little Santana in some of his licks. Casey does drums and kept it kicking. I think a larger venue and better sound mix would do these boys a great! Don't really know how many songs these boys tore through, guess that has to do with the music being so good. You know, as much as I wanted to pin down their all night like, they are definitely AUSTIN UNIQUE. If you really want to know, (cause I will admit I go to quite a few shows and see and listen to ALL types of music) I would put them somewhere around Goo Goo Dolls (this is a good thing dammit!), Go to their MySpace music page, and give'em a listen. Better yet pick up their EP, oh wait BETTER YET, GO SEE THEM. They are playing a shitload coming up, just check their schedule.

I bought the EP and gave it a listen the day after the show. I am telling you, as much fun as I had at the show and as good as they sounded, the CD is GREAT!( )

With family and friends in tow it was a great time and very nice to to hear that everybody liked it and had fun! Me and J got to spend time together, Mike got his picture with Patrice, Melissa Ann Whooping it up, Mel Got her second wind, J got her picture with Cody, thanks Cody Angel was jealous :) .

I'll post a little later about the Overlord side of the story.