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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How many people did you meet?

First and foremost I would like to say how proud I am of Austin music and the support that all of the musicians give each other. It was amazing to see all of this talent together in one spot supporting the music. Oh and what music it was! Some of the most diverse shit I have heard in one spot in a LONG time.

So thanks to The Fremen, Aimless Gun, and Michael Dillard for being there, hanging out, cheering the acts on, laughing, carrying on, and having a generally bad ass time on a cold ass day.
And all of you WILL know my daughter by the end of this particular blog (and I suppose it will be a two part er as there is a lot of info to post), because there will be ALOT of pictures of the bands in this particular blog and she seems to be in them all.

First up, which seemed awfully damned early on this very cold Sunday was Rodney Branigan ( ). The little blurb on his MySpace says "The Impossibly Talented", I don't really know about that, it would seem to be a modest understatement after watching him perform. Now please remember that this was about 3 pm in the afternoon on a Sunday, and Saturday has been a loooong day and night. So, for those few brave, stoic souls that made it, it was definitely worth it. Rodney did amazing shit with not one guitar, but two. Now Angel told me she saw his video where he played two guitars AT ONE TIME, I just kind of smiled and said "wow that sounds cool", what a douche I am, He did and boy DID HE! Congratulations to those who were in attendance at that point in time. Please make a mental note and file that away as a point in time where you witnessed something impossible, stunning, and great, because it was a time to remember. His from Texas (of course..DUH!), but currently resides in London (WTF, dude, really).
Next was an unexpected treat, Midnight Bombers ( ) from San Francisco, Ca. This was some crazzyass shit to have thrown in your face this early, ESPECIALLY on a Sunday. But damned if it was totally great. Austin has a decent hardcore/punk scene and I would sooo like for these guys to make a return trip to Austin for the 'Chaos in Tejas' punk fest in May. I kinda felt for them as it appeared the only two people really having fun and yelling back at them during their performance, were Angel and myself. I even tried to start moshing but just succeeded in pissing off Angel, HA! None the less they kept it true to the genre, "12 songs in 18 minutes" the lead singer informed those in attendance. Hell yeah! that's what I'm talking about. You late suckers who saw Peelander Z and The Wormz, and enjoyed that, missed out on the fun.Mingo Fishtrap ( ) climbed the stage at the back of The Scoot Inn for the next performance of the day (and by the way, I must say this little place is starting to grow on me). AHHHHHHH what a great sound ANY time of day. Always, ALWAYS have enjoyed the big sound of the Memphis/Chicago blues (with a touch of that Mississippi Delta Blues thrown in to make you feel all warm inside). Apparently the audience would agree with me as it was nice to see the crowd finally approaching the stage and starting to groove it up, look alive, and move a little. Angel stayed down in front for their whole performance and this made me feel good, as I felt the diversity of their music opening her young mind (thanks guys from Mingo Fishtrap and education in music I know she will NEVER forget)! Even Overlord pronounced "His voice is so sweet it makes me wanna cry just listening!" DAMN! I just sat back and enjoyed the whole set top to bottom.
OK, It's 2:30 am, I am going to bed, wait for the rest of my shit tomorrow. EHH who the hell am I kidding, not a GD person out there eagerly waiting for me to post a 2:30 in the fucking morning, HA! Anyway, read, enjoy, pass it on. Be back in a bit for the the last half.