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Monday, March 1, 2010

Aimless Gun hits their mark

So Saturday night was gonna be busy. Get outta work, get home, change, grab my beautiful wife, and make a return to The Saxon it's been a loooong time. Now this is a bonus show, just so you know and understand. Invited by MC Overlord to check out this new band Aimless Gun, only to find out Patrice was on right before them. Patrice Pike, haven't seen her live since???? I did watch that rockstar show on TV, when she was vying for the lead job of INXS*, hate to say I'm glad she didn't make it, but I am happy she is still rockin it locally. Enough blah blah blah, on to the show.

The Saxon Pub was packed! SOLD OUT! BEYOND CAPACITY!!! I had a friend show up after we did and waited outside for almost 30 min in a line to get in.

Patrice is very fun to watch, such a petite woman and a huge stage presence, even a little stage in the corner of The Saxon Pub, she is definitely larger than life. Her set was nice, started out tame, mixed in a little Sister7, then ended with a roar. When the artist is up on stage having fun it always makes the show that much more enjoyable. Patrice ended the show by jumping on the drums. No doubt she can rockit, had the whole damn place on its feet at the end, even pulled out an encore, NICE!

So what about Aimless Gun? HMMM, let me see how I want to do this, show info first and then band info in a separate blog.? What do ya think? ......I like that idea, think that's how I'll give it to you. So, on with the show!!

Got to meet Miles (bass) and Cody (guitar and vocals), courtesy of MC Overlord, before the show. Miles was absolutely blown away that the band was playing at The Saxon Pub. "I knew we'd get to play here, but not this soon. This is amazing!" Miles enthusiasm carried over into the performance, that's for sure. Once on stage, these four young men really let go. Can't imagine how nerve racking and hard it would be to follow Patrice Pike, but these boys really lit up! and for all of you who left the pub after Patrice...IDIOTS!

Their set had a little mellow, some fast, all rock, and a lot of fun! Cody's vocals where perfect for the sound, but I think a bigger stage and definitely a better sound mix would so fit his pipes. Miles on the bass had some fun and really let go at the intro of one of their songs, Awesome. Zach was really hot on the lead guitar, somehow I heard a little Santana in some of his licks. Casey does drums and kept it kicking. I think a larger venue and better sound mix would do these boys a great! Don't really know how many songs these boys tore through, guess that has to do with the music being so good. You know, as much as I wanted to pin down their all night like, they are definitely AUSTIN UNIQUE. If you really want to know, (cause I will admit I go to quite a few shows and see and listen to ALL types of music) I would put them somewhere around Goo Goo Dolls (this is a good thing dammit!), Go to their MySpace music page, and give'em a listen. Better yet pick up their EP, oh wait BETTER YET, GO SEE THEM. They are playing a shitload coming up, just check their schedule.

I bought the EP and gave it a listen the day after the show. I am telling you, as much fun as I had at the show and as good as they sounded, the CD is GREAT!( )

With family and friends in tow it was a great time and very nice to to hear that everybody liked it and had fun! Me and J got to spend time together, Mike got his picture with Patrice, Melissa Ann Whooping it up, Mel Got her second wind, J got her picture with Cody, thanks Cody Angel was jealous :) .

I'll post a little later about the Overlord side of the story.