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Monday, March 1, 2010

Another shot from Aimless Gun

So here is ptII you were promised. Although this particular blog isn't really about 'Another Great Performance' it is kind of about that other great performance I saw Sat night and posted earlier.

So I wake up LATE Sunday morning after crawling in at about 3:30 a.m. from the Aimless Gun performance Sat night (nice!), and J asks me about how MC Overlord got tied to this band. Like 'Shock and Awe' I sat there, stunned for a moment, and realized "that is such a bad ass question." You know, I really dont ever want to take advantage of my friendship with Ovey, nor do I EVER want to sound like a REAL journalist, but I had to ask.

As "early" as it was on a Sunday morning after a show I shot him a text, "Yo big poppa, gotta chat witcha for just a couple of minutes before I start/post my blog. Just info on you and the bands ties."
"A little early to be texting Overlord", J stated. My reply.."nah. He'll probably call later, he's still asleep." WRONG...two minutes later my phones busting with "see you at the crossroads" (Oveys ringtone). WTF your kidding me right.

O - "sup killa?"
me - "uhmm, your up kinda early"
O - "about to hit the studio with the boys"
me - "NO SHIT!"

So here is the dirt, MC Overlord had this crazy cool fan (props to Dale Daugherty) that went to all of the Thursday night gigs at the 'Dirty Dog'. "He kept bugging me for like three weeks to check out this band. After about a month I finally broke and gave the boys a listen online (their MySpace music page @ Had to sign 'em sight unseen, put them up as an MC Overlord presents: headlining." Several gigs, an EP (GO GET IT, fuckers), a CD release party, and a gig at The Saxon Pub, here we are.

I hear that the boys will be working with Vallejo for their full length LP (WOW! I am impressed)!

To Shea, - keep up the good work. Remember I got security for ya.
To Doc, - keep those boys feet on the ground, even when their heads are in the clouds, or they'll hear about in print, lol!
To Ovey, - to be able to "Pay it forward" is the greatest gift any one man can do to leave his legacy and have all remember him no matter what. Don't worry, I know your work ain't done yet (still got that boy from Laredo who needs a big guiding hand like yours)!
To Mike Dill, - GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE! I got to meet Mike muthafuckin Dill. That was some cool ass shit. Mike, gimmee a shout for your next gig, love to put it in print.

Hope ya'll enjoyed the inside info!!!