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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

got Lucky at the Lounge

So I had all good intentions of getting to The Lucky Lounge early enough to see Micheal Dillard, but alas I suck [sigh] (Sorry Mike, but you know I'll catch you again REAL soon)!

Anyway I walked in just as Aimless Gun started their acoustic performance here at Lucky Lounge. I spotted Overlord on the upper deck and gave my props, took up a spot by the stage and proceeded to listen and enjoy.

So I thought these kids were good at The Saxon Pub (yes I wanted to hear more of the vocals), but WOW! Acoustically these guys are even more powerful. Vocal harmonization was wonderful, the accompaniment was spot on (thanks Shea for pegging it all in the red). This shit was just fucking great 'unplugged'. I think they are so much more captivating in this manner and mood because, every piece of the music, stood out so well you could taste it. Man that's fucking kinda weird to say. What I mean is, you could hear the vocals and understand them beautifully, the lead guitar was just crystalline (really, Zach totally destroyed it on the six string acoustic guitar), loved the stand up bass, and the drums brought in the fill without overpowering anything, it was just a great mix. I know I am kind of gushing, but damn it really was a better, fuller, cleaner and brighter sound than what I heard before.

Y'all really need to take advantage and see these kids here in Austin where it's cheap (and sometimes free), plugged or 'unplugged' (now my preference) it! Don't wait until they pull a Los Lonely boys, then you're fucked, cause your not a friend of the band when that're just another fan (HA!)