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Friday, October 28, 2011

Saturday 10/29/11 PUNKS!

One of THE MOST BAD ASS hardcore punk bands on the planet...KEGCHARGE...will be doing this gig.
Go! Feel the fire of life course through your veins for this one!

He Had bells...really!

Red Eyed Fly ) from the outside seems a little unassuming. It looks really small, but goes to prove that looks can be deceiving. With room inside for a pool table, a lounge by the entrance, stage in the back corner and a long bar on the side there is plenty of room here to check out a band and still have a conversation. Outback....HOLY SHIT! This place has got a GREAT area off of Waller Creek with a stage in the far back and a very decent side area for the crowd to watch shows.

Strolled on in with mijita on my arm to check out The Noble Prize ). These guys are a 3 piece relocated from Harlingen and bringing their own brand of music to the capital city. I hate to make comparisons to cause what I hear may not be what you hear. In fact when I commented on the sound to Mariza she kinda just stared at me (don't think she agreed), so I will leave it to you.

BUT DUDE, THEY HAD BELLS! That's right, marching band bells. I was very surprised. Don't think I have ever run into that one yet, so there is another first. Performance wise the sound, tempo, vocals, and music was very much on the mellow side. Not what I would pick for a Saturday to set it off, BUT during the week, during a happy hour I could chill out to this while having a beer. The lyrical content and song titles may be misleading, i.e. - "Nightmares", but then it's mellow with bells. It is as their ReverbNation page says and there FB page...Indie and alternative, great descriptors. Each part of the ensemble was solid, but as a whole they are still growing. I do believe the bass player said they have been playing together 1-12 months (the Lonestar may have my memory slightly off).

Give them a listen on the web, then check out a location and make your decision.


Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Country affair

Kyle Fair and Music Festival happened the week of 10/14 - 10/16 at the Thunderhill Raceway ) in Kyle, TX. Allow the music fest only happens once a year, the race track is there year round. IF you like NASCAR, stock car racing, or loud, fast cars then go. Look them up on the net and check it out. I did not see any racing this particular evening, but the infield was being used for the musical performances.

With a nice stage set up and arrangement, this was perfect for that great, outdoor, seventies/eighties massive stadium concert feel. With over priced beers and mud on the ground how could you not help but have a good time.

Fred Andrews & Honeybrowne ) took center stage on a cool October evening and kicked up their heels. Fresh from a gig in Midland/Odessa (where they couldn't find any good sushi) they were happy and welcome to be back at home in Central Texas. With roots at Texas State and in Buda, TX they really were back at home.

Front man Fred Andrews is masterful at his story telling and slick with his singing. Localizing the performance with stories of San Marcos, tales good girls and lonely guys it was new country at it's best and most fun.

The dynamic between front man and the lead guitarist (Cale Richardson) is something that could lead to legendary status when this band breaks mainstream and goes nationwide. Not the dependence on the lead guitarists performance, but the the fire and blood of it, driving the energy through the crowd. The dynamic was just right for the whole band. The rhythm section keeping everything on time and have you moving your feet in time to the music. The lyrics were good and fun enough so that even though I had never heard a song before this night, I was singing along (badly) before the end of each song.    

I could actually go on for a bit, but simply take it as this. Country music is not my first choice, my best choice, or my love...but good music and great live performances will always be! and this was one that I would happily go see again...indoors (HA!)


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Teaching the is in!

Threadgills South ) is a freakin awesome location. On the corner there by down town, Congress/Barton Springs/Riverside, without being DOWN TOWN, this is as good as you wanna get. Next door to the historic and non existent Armadillo World Headquarters (and still retaining some of that charm) you can walk around the restaurant and check out many of the items saved before the tear down. Now this particular write up will focus on the Bier Garten outside and right on the street. With the fencing going almost all the way around the outdoor area, the street noise is almost all but non existent. When the band starts playing...yup! you are transported to that other world with the sounds and performance that take you away.

Mingo Fishtrap ) was the soul /sole performance this evening. With a long set and a short break they pretty much stomped on the Texas Thang with that Southern Sound and that Chicago brass all at the same time. Moving, uplifting, soul quenching, bluesy, and rocking all at the same time.

Here are the words of a 15 year old fan...

"They were 'flippin' amazing. They definitely had everyone moving in their seats and had the crowd dancing [to the beats]. There were old faces and new [young] faces [enjoying the music]. The young college kid and the older lady [really dancing up a storm down front]" after the front man demanded for some feet in the dirt or he would play the same lick ALL NIGHT LONG! Hell yeah!

"Playing songs I had never heard of and teaching me a thing or two [about the blues classics]." They did play a huge variety of songs. Not just playing a cover here or there, but explaining the song and telling a story about the cover along the way. "They definitely warmed up the slight chill in the night air with the relaxing vibe that filled the Threadgills area. Having [my] little brother along for the ride, experiencing the music of Mingo Fishtrap, like never before." - Angelina Skye

Don't think I can or will add much more to that. If that doesn't make you wanna go see them or buy a CD then I guess you are dead and didn't read this to begin with!


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Sweetest Sounds

Frank ) is a surprise all on it's own. Unassuming on the outside, tucked away on a corner of Fourth and Colorado, this place is pretty damn big on the inside. A decent little bar area as you step foot in the door with a single TV (be prepared to watch the game in really close quarters if you choose this as your stop). A little further in is a much larger lounge that vaults to a huge ceiling and a view of the balcony seating farther back in the restaurant. Overall a very cool atmosphere. I can't wait to actually go back and have a dog!

This particular night the lounge area was maneuvered to allow a standing crowd to enjoy some kick ass music! End Wave, Super Water Sympathy, and Eagle Pritchard Murray Band!

End Wave!/endwave ) is not new wave...they are the end wave. Completely different than ANYTHING mainstream or what you thought you knew about Austin music, New Wave, Punk, whatever. A complete throwback to the ridiculousness of the Eighties and DEVO. The music is disturbingly fun and quirky. The lyrics are smart, but irreverent AND the costume changes were fucking hilarious....absolutely made the night. You want a 'SHOW' when you go out, find these guys. Performance art at the most musical level (and not that YOKO ONO bullshit either)!

Super Water Sympathy ) was the jaw dropper of the night. With comparisons to AhhDell (sp? on purpose), the voice behind the mic (Ansley Hughes)  really kinda shut everybody up and made us listen. It was an absolutely stunning performance! The band really had that full, clean, polished, and inspiring sound. Something that you would swear you are currently hearing on the radio. The performance, w/lead singer Ansley Hughes commanding the stage and your attention, really makes you want to see them to go big time and leave us in their dust. I am just happy to say that they performed here and got to see them early on...and it was awesome! This is one if those performances that would definitely make you go out the next time you hear they are in town.

 Thunderous applause, too short of a set, a hot lead singer, man this band has got it...and you should go get it. I think there were some guys in this band, but I dunno, and you would probably get that reaction from most everyone that was in the house. Even my girlfriend exclaimed to me "I Love Ansley!" Looking at their schedule, they are all over the place all the time, but not here in Austin near enough.

Eagle Pritchard Murray Band , EPMB ( ) finished the night in their typical grand fashion. With a very nice sized crowd, many familiar faces, and tons of new ones, it was the great party time that you would only expect being at one of their shows. I hear and see that there is the addition of a trumpet player to their line up and I think it serves the band well. The set just consistently maintains to be one of the most fun ones you can go see. With the list of songs keeping the audience dancing and even new people singing along, you know it is a good time to be had. Over all it was a stellar performance that I have come to expect and one of the reasons I so love to go see them as often as possible. Go see for yourself and then agree with me.

Looking at their schedule it seems like there are quite a few opportunities to go see them before the end of the year. I even noticed some out of town gigs, makes me happy to seem them crossing the land and spreading 'My Favorite Misery' to other cities. Let'm ALL feel the EPMB love.

p.s. - go check out the FB page for EPMB and look at some of the photos for their koozie contest. GREAT TIMES


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Up a tree without a mic

Baby A's ( ) is jumping into the live music game and it's not a bad idea. The location at 183 by the Arboretum is awesome! The parking is fantastic, the food is bad ass, the drinks are purple and great, AND the stage orientation is un-fucking-believable! Just outside of the patio, great access for the crowd to be up close and personal. You wanna sit down just inside of the patio, go for it because you can still here and see the band. Don't wanna jack with it, go sit inside, still plenty of seating there to enjoy a meal (or don't go on a night they are having a band).

My one bitch and complaint is the shitty ass drink service! REALLY...plan for a big ass crowd, staff your bar appropriately, have plenty of wait staff. Drink service outside during a show would be great (and I am not talking about a beer trough). I waited 27 minutes to get a drink while standing at the bar (in a line). Unacceptable anywhere! That sucked! At least I got to enjoy 7 of the bands songs while standing at the bar, while my date was outside,...classy.

Vallejo ) lit a fire outside on this particular night. Proud that they call Austin home for so many years now. Glad that I have had a chance to meet two of the brothers. They are gracious and amicable, courteous and kind. I have seen them perform several times and there is an unstoppable force behind them when they start rocking. Having a great time on stage with each other, calling fans out, calling up special guests. Vallejo plays their music, plays music that is known and MAKES it theirs. They do the rock thing like only Vallejo can do. Take some songs, make'm theirs with some Spanish lyrics mixed in and it only makes you want to smile and sing along.

AJ swinging from the scaffolding or a nearby tree is always a funny and entertaining sight. Make sure you are prepared to take the pics to throw on your FB page or shoot the video for YouTube. Omar is always laughing, playing around with the audience and winking at the girls (or at least I hope he wasn't winking at me!). The band as a whole puts on a show that makes for an unforgettable night.

This performance was no different, but was totally unique at the same time. In the small area designated for the stage, it was PACKED. Seating to stage left and people standing all around shows that Austin loves for these boys. Mi novia encantó la actuación y la banda tanto, declaró, "Oh Dios mío, mi grupo favorito nuevo!" I was proud and glad that I was able to create a new fan for the band.

Check out their schedule, make it a point as they are always around. Pay the price for admission and have a helluva time.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

R.E.K. was in effect

Have I told you the story of the young man who liked to play music and write music and grew up to be one of the best musical story tellers around? Didn't think so! Not gonna...go watch E! True Hollywood Story and watch somebodies else's story, this is about Robert Earl Keen!

Antones ) IS home of the blues. Clifford did good. and apparently most everyone around knows it as well. I have enjoyed performances here that were beyond belief and excitement (The Scabs), that were for a good cause (H.A.A.M. Corporate Battle of the Bands), and full of fun (BoomBoxATX) as well as a few others along the way.

This place is so bad ass that Robert Earl Keen ) decided to have a big ol', 500 people, invite only, CD Release party for his newest brain child "Ready For Confetti"!

The CD is what you and of course I would like, love, and expect from a Texas great. It moves from the rockin sounds to the country two stepping and have all of the musical swells in between,

R.E.K. does exactly what seems formulaic for all folk, country artists...that VH1 storytellers thing. BUT this is not a bad thing. I personally like the artist to be on stage and telling me what they were thinking when they wrote a song, where it came from, why. The personalized performance is indicative of many shows for the bigger local guys. If I wanted to have them just play the music, then i would sit at home and play the CD loud.

Robert does a masterful job of weaving his story with laughs and understanding for the audience. This talent really draws the crowd in. To see the crowd cheering, raising their beers in toast, and dancing to each song is an exciting time.

Someone in the crowd said this and I laughed but then thought about it holding true: the point of an encore is what...self gratification...ego boosting? You know they came to see you. We paid to see you (or bought your album. You know DAMN WELL that we ALL want to here that 1 song. Whatever it is...just tell us you are gonna get a beer/water/pee break, come back and rock that shit out. Play it for the love of the music.

R.E.K. did the 50 second break, the crowd cheered and yelled, and then he played a BAD ASS uptempo version of 'The Road Goes on Forever'! I left smiling and satisfied. It was 'Another Great Performance'.


112 Degrees in the shade

Hotteset damn day in history and I was outside. For those who weren't dedicated, stupid, or brave enought to do it. Here is a small taste of an Austin Hot Sauce Festival performance.

La Guerrilla! ) is a no holds barred attack on your dancing shoes with that latin ryhtym and care free good time vibe. A blend of bilingual lyrics and world music puts this band square on the map for great times. Absolutely no question that hearing this music makes you want to dance and drink a cerveza or two.

Forget the heat, with this kind of music, a very decent brass section and even a fiddle(?) the band has the energy to pass the funk on to you and you will like it. Mijita was miserable in the heat but loved the music! On a cooler fall day or maybe at a club I look forward to checking out this band again. So if you are in a spicy, festive mood, look them up or check out a local festival. Chances are they will be there and performing with the spice of life.

For me and all of us in Austin,it is about the music the love of the music, the atmosphere and the pride and joy in the performances.