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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Up a tree without a mic

Baby A's ( ) is jumping into the live music game and it's not a bad idea. The location at 183 by the Arboretum is awesome! The parking is fantastic, the food is bad ass, the drinks are purple and great, AND the stage orientation is un-fucking-believable! Just outside of the patio, great access for the crowd to be up close and personal. You wanna sit down just inside of the patio, go for it because you can still here and see the band. Don't wanna jack with it, go sit inside, still plenty of seating there to enjoy a meal (or don't go on a night they are having a band).

My one bitch and complaint is the shitty ass drink service! REALLY...plan for a big ass crowd, staff your bar appropriately, have plenty of wait staff. Drink service outside during a show would be great (and I am not talking about a beer trough). I waited 27 minutes to get a drink while standing at the bar (in a line). Unacceptable anywhere! That sucked! At least I got to enjoy 7 of the bands songs while standing at the bar, while my date was outside,...classy.

Vallejo ) lit a fire outside on this particular night. Proud that they call Austin home for so many years now. Glad that I have had a chance to meet two of the brothers. They are gracious and amicable, courteous and kind. I have seen them perform several times and there is an unstoppable force behind them when they start rocking. Having a great time on stage with each other, calling fans out, calling up special guests. Vallejo plays their music, plays music that is known and MAKES it theirs. They do the rock thing like only Vallejo can do. Take some songs, make'm theirs with some Spanish lyrics mixed in and it only makes you want to smile and sing along.

AJ swinging from the scaffolding or a nearby tree is always a funny and entertaining sight. Make sure you are prepared to take the pics to throw on your FB page or shoot the video for YouTube. Omar is always laughing, playing around with the audience and winking at the girls (or at least I hope he wasn't winking at me!). The band as a whole puts on a show that makes for an unforgettable night.

This performance was no different, but was totally unique at the same time. In the small area designated for the stage, it was PACKED. Seating to stage left and people standing all around shows that Austin loves for these boys. Mi novia encantó la actuación y la banda tanto, declaró, "Oh Dios mío, mi grupo favorito nuevo!" I was proud and glad that I was able to create a new fan for the band.

Check out their schedule, make it a point as they are always around. Pay the price for admission and have a helluva time.