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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

R.E.K. was in effect

Have I told you the story of the young man who liked to play music and write music and grew up to be one of the best musical story tellers around? Didn't think so! Not gonna...go watch E! True Hollywood Story and watch somebodies else's story, this is about Robert Earl Keen!

Antones ) IS home of the blues. Clifford did good. and apparently most everyone around knows it as well. I have enjoyed performances here that were beyond belief and excitement (The Scabs), that were for a good cause (H.A.A.M. Corporate Battle of the Bands), and full of fun (BoomBoxATX) as well as a few others along the way.

This place is so bad ass that Robert Earl Keen ) decided to have a big ol', 500 people, invite only, CD Release party for his newest brain child "Ready For Confetti"!

The CD is what you and of course I would like, love, and expect from a Texas great. It moves from the rockin sounds to the country two stepping and have all of the musical swells in between,

R.E.K. does exactly what seems formulaic for all folk, country artists...that VH1 storytellers thing. BUT this is not a bad thing. I personally like the artist to be on stage and telling me what they were thinking when they wrote a song, where it came from, why. The personalized performance is indicative of many shows for the bigger local guys. If I wanted to have them just play the music, then i would sit at home and play the CD loud.

Robert does a masterful job of weaving his story with laughs and understanding for the audience. This talent really draws the crowd in. To see the crowd cheering, raising their beers in toast, and dancing to each song is an exciting time.

Someone in the crowd said this and I laughed but then thought about it holding true: the point of an encore is what...self gratification...ego boosting? You know they came to see you. We paid to see you (or bought your album. You know DAMN WELL that we ALL want to here that 1 song. Whatever it is...just tell us you are gonna get a beer/water/pee break, come back and rock that shit out. Play it for the love of the music.

R.E.K. did the 50 second break, the crowd cheered and yelled, and then he played a BAD ASS uptempo version of 'The Road Goes on Forever'! I left smiling and satisfied. It was 'Another Great Performance'.