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Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Country affair

Kyle Fair and Music Festival happened the week of 10/14 - 10/16 at the Thunderhill Raceway ) in Kyle, TX. Allow the music fest only happens once a year, the race track is there year round. IF you like NASCAR, stock car racing, or loud, fast cars then go. Look them up on the net and check it out. I did not see any racing this particular evening, but the infield was being used for the musical performances.

With a nice stage set up and arrangement, this was perfect for that great, outdoor, seventies/eighties massive stadium concert feel. With over priced beers and mud on the ground how could you not help but have a good time.

Fred Andrews & Honeybrowne ) took center stage on a cool October evening and kicked up their heels. Fresh from a gig in Midland/Odessa (where they couldn't find any good sushi) they were happy and welcome to be back at home in Central Texas. With roots at Texas State and in Buda, TX they really were back at home.

Front man Fred Andrews is masterful at his story telling and slick with his singing. Localizing the performance with stories of San Marcos, tales good girls and lonely guys it was new country at it's best and most fun.

The dynamic between front man and the lead guitarist (Cale Richardson) is something that could lead to legendary status when this band breaks mainstream and goes nationwide. Not the dependence on the lead guitarists performance, but the the fire and blood of it, driving the energy through the crowd. The dynamic was just right for the whole band. The rhythm section keeping everything on time and have you moving your feet in time to the music. The lyrics were good and fun enough so that even though I had never heard a song before this night, I was singing along (badly) before the end of each song.    

I could actually go on for a bit, but simply take it as this. Country music is not my first choice, my best choice, or my love...but good music and great live performances will always be! and this was one that I would happily go see again...indoors (HA!)