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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

112 Degrees in the shade

Hotteset damn day in history and I was outside. For those who weren't dedicated, stupid, or brave enought to do it. Here is a small taste of an Austin Hot Sauce Festival performance.

La Guerrilla! ) is a no holds barred attack on your dancing shoes with that latin ryhtym and care free good time vibe. A blend of bilingual lyrics and world music puts this band square on the map for great times. Absolutely no question that hearing this music makes you want to dance and drink a cerveza or two.

Forget the heat, with this kind of music, a very decent brass section and even a fiddle(?) the band has the energy to pass the funk on to you and you will like it. Mijita was miserable in the heat but loved the music! On a cooler fall day or maybe at a club I look forward to checking out this band again. So if you are in a spicy, festive mood, look them up or check out a local festival. Chances are they will be there and performing with the spice of life.

For me and all of us in Austin,it is about the music the love of the music, the atmosphere and the pride and joy in the performances.