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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Sweetest Sounds

Frank ) is a surprise all on it's own. Unassuming on the outside, tucked away on a corner of Fourth and Colorado, this place is pretty damn big on the inside. A decent little bar area as you step foot in the door with a single TV (be prepared to watch the game in really close quarters if you choose this as your stop). A little further in is a much larger lounge that vaults to a huge ceiling and a view of the balcony seating farther back in the restaurant. Overall a very cool atmosphere. I can't wait to actually go back and have a dog!

This particular night the lounge area was maneuvered to allow a standing crowd to enjoy some kick ass music! End Wave, Super Water Sympathy, and Eagle Pritchard Murray Band!

End Wave!/endwave ) is not new wave...they are the end wave. Completely different than ANYTHING mainstream or what you thought you knew about Austin music, New Wave, Punk, whatever. A complete throwback to the ridiculousness of the Eighties and DEVO. The music is disturbingly fun and quirky. The lyrics are smart, but irreverent AND the costume changes were fucking hilarious....absolutely made the night. You want a 'SHOW' when you go out, find these guys. Performance art at the most musical level (and not that YOKO ONO bullshit either)!

Super Water Sympathy ) was the jaw dropper of the night. With comparisons to AhhDell (sp? on purpose), the voice behind the mic (Ansley Hughes)  really kinda shut everybody up and made us listen. It was an absolutely stunning performance! The band really had that full, clean, polished, and inspiring sound. Something that you would swear you are currently hearing on the radio. The performance, w/lead singer Ansley Hughes commanding the stage and your attention, really makes you want to see them to go big time and leave us in their dust. I am just happy to say that they performed here and got to see them early on...and it was awesome! This is one if those performances that would definitely make you go out the next time you hear they are in town.

 Thunderous applause, too short of a set, a hot lead singer, man this band has got it...and you should go get it. I think there were some guys in this band, but I dunno, and you would probably get that reaction from most everyone that was in the house. Even my girlfriend exclaimed to me "I Love Ansley!" Looking at their schedule, they are all over the place all the time, but not here in Austin near enough.

Eagle Pritchard Murray Band , EPMB ( ) finished the night in their typical grand fashion. With a very nice sized crowd, many familiar faces, and tons of new ones, it was the great party time that you would only expect being at one of their shows. I hear and see that there is the addition of a trumpet player to their line up and I think it serves the band well. The set just consistently maintains to be one of the most fun ones you can go see. With the list of songs keeping the audience dancing and even new people singing along, you know it is a good time to be had. Over all it was a stellar performance that I have come to expect and one of the reasons I so love to go see them as often as possible. Go see for yourself and then agree with me.

Looking at their schedule it seems like there are quite a few opportunities to go see them before the end of the year. I even noticed some out of town gigs, makes me happy to seem them crossing the land and spreading 'My Favorite Misery' to other cities. Let'm ALL feel the EPMB love.

p.s. - go check out the FB page for EPMB and look at some of the photos for their koozie contest. GREAT TIMES