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Saturday, December 12, 2015

A little goes a long way

This is a special event post. A short movie premiere, penned by Donnell Robinson a.k.a. MC Overlord. The movie short is called 'God Is Talking'. It is a wonderful, thought provoking piece. I was very proud to be part of this packed house to watch this with so many friends. With special support from one of the most amazing, small music venues in Austin, One-2-One Bar, it really was the perfect spot to show this film.

One-2-One ( has been a mainstay in Austin, Texas for over a decade. This really says little for the impact this club has on local music and musicians. Gregg and Destinee have made it their calling to provide the premier location and destination for some one to come listen to live, local music. Hosting local music events and bands every night they are open, this venue encompasses everything god about the Austin music scene. 

Although it is not a fancy multi-story venue it packs a punch when it comes to sound and the up close and personal feel for any performance. When you walk in the door you see it is just a rectangle shaped venue. With a beautiful, perfectly sized stage at the far end, opposite the door and a beautiful bar that runs down half the length of the venue on your right. What more could you ask for. There is some booth seating to the back, stage left. The bathrooms are behind the stage on either side. There is some more seating that is along the stage right wall. Everything else is movable, removable, depending on the show.

The show this night featured musical performances by 2 of the bands that had music featured in the video, as well one of the performers who scored the movie.

Michael Dillard ( should not be a new name to anyone who has read this blog before. However, the guy that got onstage and performed for just short of an hour, was something completely different. Michael Dillard has no doubt grown as a performer and a songwriter. This was a stellar presentation of his music. I am pretty sure there was nothing here I had heard before. Although some of the originals are among my favorites, there was no question the fact the crowd was completely in love with this performance. The songs were full and the performance was fun. The crowd cheered and danced and who wouldn't want that in a performance.

Michael Dillard is definitely one of the young talents in this town you have to go catch and enjoy. The band that backs him is stunning. Featuring Ryan Lorenson on keys, Bootsie Collins on drums, and my favorite backing, lead guitarist, Ty Read. This crew is stellar. Michael Dillards performance did end on a throwback note. MC Overlord, himself, joined Michael's alternate personality, Mike Dill, onstage for a spot-on, killer rendition of The Fugees 'Ready or Not' and I recorded it! When the video is done you will be able to check it out here (). The performance wasn't just special for this night, it was the grand entrance something great for all of you to experience.

The Derrick Davis Band ( came out to wrap up the live performances before the film. This guy and his band have never failed to impress and with this crowd and this event, they did it again. Derrick isn't really humble so much as he is a smart performer. Coming out onstage wearing cowboy boots and a hat, Derrick Davis knocked the first song out of the park, smiled, and then said "I bet you thought I was gonna play country music?"

Derrick Davis is another one of those Austin musicians that encompasses and embodies what can only be described as that 'Austin Sound'. The singer/songwriter/performer always satisfies the should and the ears. Listening to The Derrick Davis Bands music is really only half of it. Watching them onstage and being a part of the crowd that gets pulled into the show, is a whole different thing. The Derrick Davis Band is great and the live performance is really the only way to experience it. MC Overlord made it onstage to perform a song with Derrick Davis also and the crowd loved it.

As for the main event of the night, 'God Is Talking' is crowd silencing piece. To sit and watch a good story is, well, what it should be. To have the piece make your thoughts scream out loud is numbing. Not going to see a show that is purely for entertainment value, 'God Is Talking' is a piece that dares you to question not your thoughts and belief, but what you are told, taught, and grow up with. Can't wait to see how this blossoms.