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Saturday, June 25, 2011

The color of Elvis... Red, Russian Red, to be exact.

Jovitas ) is tucked away there on S. 1st, right next door to that guys 'Place'. Great Tex-Mex and great prices on their Lonestar longnecks. I am sure you've been there before, but maybe not quite like this.

After having much shit talked to me for the last 3 yrs or more by one of my co-workers, I finally made the mad dash to see Igor & The Red Elvises ). This performing troupe makes its way through the Central Texas area about 2x per year. This past occasion they did three shows back to back. Austin, San Antonio, and Austin.

With the two front men from mother Russia, and a rotating ensemble of musicians supporting them, they come strictly to play, be silly, entertain, and prove that it is ALL about the audience participation. With their provocative and sometimes naughty lyrics, it might not be the perfect show for younger kid, but then it is harmless fun (and I am sure the kids hear worse from their friends at school). The sound is the inbred bastard child of surfer music, rock-a-billy, and Russian spunk. It works and it is great! They are absolutely hilarious at the same time that they are very good. This is a show you have got to with a bunch of friends, drink a lot, and always raise your glasses to sing along with or cheer to. My preference and advice to you is to go see them at a club or bar NOT a restaurant, just for the atmosphere. Thanks Burton, enjoyed the show!


a Father's Day Sunday Funday

HOLY SHIT! I love to continually be surprised by this city. The "Keep Austin Weird" tag line somehow always manages to make itself true. With the Austin Revitalization Project and the spreading out and growth of the music and entertainment district you are bound to find new and exciting places anytime!

Icenhauers ) is one of those places. Tucked away on Rainey St. and completely unassuming. Even as you stroll down the street or drive past it and know it's there, you can miss it. We did the first time. Check out their web site for amazing photos on the renovation of this old house to a fantastic bar.

EPMB!/epmbmusic?sk=info ). Once again I prove to be a fanboy. Whatever. These guys are great great fun to listen to, watch, dance to, sing along with, and just hang out with. Been a short while since I have seen them perform a full set, so this was a treat...ESPECIALLY on Fathers Day. A two part set at about 50 minutes each and when it ended, it still felt like they would've performed more and the crowd would not have been tired. What I liked about this particular performance was hearing the lead guitar shine through at all the right times finally (Jason Eagle is great). The second half of the performance was absolutely a knock down, drag out, leav'em breathless event. The mixture of covers and the up tempo originals had people dancing for pretty much the whole 50 minute set.

Yes I was very sad that I couldn't spend the day with my kids, and am still not happy about those turn of events. But the day was filled with good times, good friends, and good music. I will take that and appreciate it immensely. A big thank you to all who were there (My mamacita y mis compadres) and made the day special anyway!!

Ponder this

Downstairs at Stubbs ) is freaking A W E S O M E !!! I fuckin love this. That basement feel to a bar, the dark dusty feel and look (with the bar at the back) takes me back to old school punk shows and house shows back in New Orleans! It is just the perfect place to see a local band or a touring act that comes through. You can get personal down in front with the band and have a great time. Now once the music starts you can't fucking having a conversation, even if you lean over and yell in their ear.

So, one of my favorite local bands to follow is Eagle Pritchard Murray Band a.k.a. EPMB ) and they did a great job of opening for the headliner, Ponderosa. Always fun and always a great time, is their M.O. They even had some folks who jumped outta the crowd and started dancing (badly at that, but at least they did and were having a GREAT TIME.) A nice little change up to the song order was great. Like the professionals that they are, they started it up tempo, brought the middle of the set down a little, and then ended it on fire. Jason Eagles lead guitar blended too well into the music during the solos ( pedal issue or sound guy...ehh whatevs) so I look forward to the next one. Can't wait to see another show with a full set, hopefully some additions to the line up (horns?), a new revised set list, and end the show with SEVERAL uptempo songs that have the whole place dancing and singing along!

Ponderosa ) is from Georgia and touring to support their new album that just released. This is what I refer to as "drinking whiskey straight outta the bottle" music. NO, it is not that rowdy rocker, southern fried music that makes you wanna punch your dog, wreck truck, and cry about her cheatin heart. This is the sit back in the chair and listen to the southern sounds of a keyboard fill the air with some fucking killer vocal harmonies that had me looking  for the back-up singers onstage (there were none)! The lead guitarist was doing some star wars shit with his effects pedals and it just added to an overall wonderful show. Check out their website for future dates, take a listen and DL the album or some tracks if you like.


Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer Charity fun

Another blazin hot summer here in central Texas. BUT that only means the summer shows will be heating up. Concerts in the park, blues on the green and summer fun everywhere! Carlos N Charlies ( ) is one of those places you would hope and expect to have some great music going down on the beach. Here was another charity event, this time for Safe Place ( ). And this is an awesome charity...check it out, and help it out!

Got to see Automatic Cycle ( ) on the inside stage....these kids fuckin blew me away! They were modern, edgy, and very good. It was a little bit of a sound like Creed and Linkin Park mashed up! I was really surprised to see and hear them with no bass player, they made it work! I liked the DJ, not the typical things a rock DJ would spin, but it was a great change from keyborads or bass. I didn't know if the non existent bass player was on purpose this day or just how they roll (afterwards I did find out that the bass player was stuck in Dripping Springs). Well, it really worked for these guys and was an awesome start to the day.

Lixbox ( ) was first up on the outside stage to start the evening festivities. With a great mix of covers that were perfect for a giant outdoor party and some really catchy originals that were easy and fun to groove to, Lixbox is a must see when you get a chance, although an indoor show in the middle of summer would be an even greater load of fun! I'll tell you, with no fear, it takes HUGE BALLS to play a Jimmy Hendrix tune, that was covered by one of the city of Austins greatest son (Stevie Ray bitches)! A good or bad version doesn't matter that's Just B A L L S!. With great confidence the lead guitarist tore into the song and I loved it, for the band as a whole it wasn't stellar, it was good, but that guitar really brought it together. This group really an awesome unit and they do what it takes to please the crowd and make it fun and enjoyable.

There were many more bands that performed and with the heat of the day waning, it was just a great night. Not that there was anything more to write about, but as far as the local side of what I want you to know, there it is.

On a dramatic side note, the Owner/GM of CnC's apparently doesn't give a shit about people. Money is what money is. You got enough of it to shit on people then you will. No regard for the appropriateness of your words or actions is the proof in how you talk to and treat people with no regards for the surroundings or who the company or crowd is. Look, if you wanna dress someone down for fucking with you and or your money or business, call them into an office and lay it down. Do it in front of a crowd and it makes you an asshole! Right or wrong about what bug climbed up your ass doesn't matter, it's how you handled it. But you have money and businesses so why should you care what I say....but I will post this none the less.