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Saturday, June 25, 2011

The color of Elvis... Red, Russian Red, to be exact.

Jovitas ) is tucked away there on S. 1st, right next door to that guys 'Place'. Great Tex-Mex and great prices on their Lonestar longnecks. I am sure you've been there before, but maybe not quite like this.

After having much shit talked to me for the last 3 yrs or more by one of my co-workers, I finally made the mad dash to see Igor & The Red Elvises ). This performing troupe makes its way through the Central Texas area about 2x per year. This past occasion they did three shows back to back. Austin, San Antonio, and Austin.

With the two front men from mother Russia, and a rotating ensemble of musicians supporting them, they come strictly to play, be silly, entertain, and prove that it is ALL about the audience participation. With their provocative and sometimes naughty lyrics, it might not be the perfect show for younger kid, but then it is harmless fun (and I am sure the kids hear worse from their friends at school). The sound is the inbred bastard child of surfer music, rock-a-billy, and Russian spunk. It works and it is great! They are absolutely hilarious at the same time that they are very good. This is a show you have got to with a bunch of friends, drink a lot, and always raise your glasses to sing along with or cheer to. My preference and advice to you is to go see them at a club or bar NOT a restaurant, just for the atmosphere. Thanks Burton, enjoyed the show!