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Saturday, June 25, 2011

a Father's Day Sunday Funday

HOLY SHIT! I love to continually be surprised by this city. The "Keep Austin Weird" tag line somehow always manages to make itself true. With the Austin Revitalization Project and the spreading out and growth of the music and entertainment district you are bound to find new and exciting places anytime!

Icenhauers ) is one of those places. Tucked away on Rainey St. and completely unassuming. Even as you stroll down the street or drive past it and know it's there, you can miss it. We did the first time. Check out their web site for amazing photos on the renovation of this old house to a fantastic bar.

EPMB!/epmbmusic?sk=info ). Once again I prove to be a fanboy. Whatever. These guys are great great fun to listen to, watch, dance to, sing along with, and just hang out with. Been a short while since I have seen them perform a full set, so this was a treat...ESPECIALLY on Fathers Day. A two part set at about 50 minutes each and when it ended, it still felt like they would've performed more and the crowd would not have been tired. What I liked about this particular performance was hearing the lead guitar shine through at all the right times finally (Jason Eagle is great). The second half of the performance was absolutely a knock down, drag out, leav'em breathless event. The mixture of covers and the up tempo originals had people dancing for pretty much the whole 50 minute set.

Yes I was very sad that I couldn't spend the day with my kids, and am still not happy about those turn of events. But the day was filled with good times, good friends, and good music. I will take that and appreciate it immensely. A big thank you to all who were there (My mamacita y mis compadres) and made the day special anyway!!