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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Off the (starting) Grid

The Circuit of the Americas is completely, breathtakingly, awe inspiring Kick Ass! You can not look at it on Google Earth or Google maps and think you can comprehend the size of this facility. Just zoom in on the map and check out that round spot at the track side end of the Grand Plaza. Right there, in curve of  Turn 17/18, that is the 12,000 seat Tower Amphitheater! Now zoom out, Yeah, that little dot is the 12,000 seat amphitheater. It takes approx 2 hrs to walk the circumference of the track. This place is huge and more importantly it is gorgeous and fun!

After spending 3 days working as a volunteer for the inaugural F1 races, it was nice to end the long weekend with a show. There was a performance by Collective Soul on Saturday night at the Tower Amphitheater, but I sadly declined to attend as I knew the daunting task of working another 12 hrs was ahead of me. Sunday came, the Ferrari Challenge, The Pirelli Cup, and The Formula 1 races all went down. Now it was late afternoon and I was ready to check out some music!

Clay Walker  ( ) took the stage moments after we found a nice little spot on the grass, center stage. I am familiar with all of about 2 songs from Clay's catalog, but Mariza was WAYYY more aquainted with his music. To both our joy, Clay did a fantastic job of wowing a huge, international audience with a whole lot of music!

I will not doubt the professionalism and intelligence of Clay Walker or any other artist that has the opportunity to perform here. Even more important, any artist that has the opportunity to perform here after a world spectacle like Formula 1 racing. With a draw of THOUSANDS from all over the world, it would be easy to see a musical act getting lost in the moment and showing off their catalog to a potentially whole new fan base. That is where the professionalism kicks in and pays off... to WOW the crowd!

Clay Walker did just that. Putting aside his catalog for an evening of great music and a good time. Playing his big hit "She won't be lonely long" early on was a surprise, but a bigger surprise was the variety of everything else he played. I am talking about the Commodores, Lionel Richie, Metallica (just kidding), Jimmy Buffet, Bob Marley...I was impressed and smiling. Yeah, the songs he played are the staple of any cover bands set list, but Clay acknowledged that and admitted he doesn't do this normally. No doubt sir, no doubt! But you did it well and you did it with a sense of light hearted humor that had the entire crowd entertained.

Clay Walker also played another song that he touted as a new video release for the band, 'Jesse James' and I really like that song. Deep in the Heart of Texas, country music is king. Whether it is your first choice for a night out on the town or otherwise, you have to acknowledge the good time feelings you get when listening to some great music. With much respect earned, I would go see Clay Walker when he comes to Austin next time and be happy to check out a full set of Clay Walker music. Not shy about that at all. Maybe you should too.


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Super Water Sympathy - A silent interview