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Friday, September 23, 2011

Dirty Dirty dirty

The Wormz, The Dog, and an bachelorette party. Just dirty, DAMN dirty! Of course I think that is the way we like it...CAUSE WE WERE THERE!

I hear that there are some pretty bad ass things in store for The Dirty Dog ). Go buy and check it out...stay a while drink a beer, leave a tip, and make your plans to do it again.

I saw ARay!/ARayofble ) again and his partner in rhyme. I must say that there was a distinct difference in the two performances I saw. My opinion was that they were a little more prepared or less scared opening for the Wormz this go round. ARay's stage companion was way more clear and animated, he was part of the performance, not an add on. ARay stood out more as the front man, the leader, the true MC. I really like ARays voice and style...time and more performances will work in their favor.
I gotta get my hands on some of his music to hear it and understand it, cause at The Dog, the sound was either over mixed or the cd they are rapping to is overproduced. That is not a slam on anyone at The Dog or on ARays's side, it is just difficult to absorb the live performance with the track playing in the background also. Another performance at another venue and I will let ya know.

The Dirty Wormz!/DirtyWormz?sk=wall ) by now you should know these muthafuckas are a favorite of mine. If you like rock, hip/hop, metal, country, Brittany, or Dub Step...go see the Wormz. Without a doubt it is one of the most intense yet care free, hard core shows you could go see in Austin. To be that up close and inter connected to a band that should be playing the Erwin Center or venues larger is bad ass.

There is a small bit of a routine to start the show and end between there is some other choreographed drama. This just shows their dedication, however the in between is why you should go to live shows...THE UNKNOWN.

This night, play a shit load of new stuff (never before performed in front of a live audience) from their new upcoming album, their joint venture with Tech9, and cover tunes was INSANE. Front man Smackola was in rare form, completely cutting loose and dragging the performance in every direction. The band followed right along without a hesitation.

AND THEN a bachelorette party showed up. REALLY, at the effin Dirty Dog with The Dirty Wormz playin. Don't know what they were thinkin, but damn straight somebodies gonna be getting married and scared to death knowing THOSE photos will show up (or the videos on YouTube). Nice going onstage ladies.