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Friday, September 23, 2011

Heaven and the Meaning of Dreams

The Parish )  is nice to check out a show. Although the weird angled 'seating' on one side of the venue is...well...weird. Sure if you go to a show then go and enjoy the band, the performance, the show. Stand and deliver. For some of us old decrepit folks with bad backs and bad knees, sometimes you gotta sit. ANYWAY for just the purpose of seeing a show it is a place to be!

CD release parties are so fun. Not because they are a 'party' (which would actually be a novel idea) but because the artist celebrating the release of their most recent creation is usually in such a festive mood, the show is something above and beyond a normal performance.

With 3 bands on the list it was nice.

Ryan Mars Band ) was up first. This is the second time I have seen this band since I wrote about their debut live performance some time ago. With an actual stage, sound system, and sound man behind a board...A HUGE WORLD OF DIFFERENCE. They even added a fiddle in the band...(isn't there a song by Alabama that says 'it ain't country music unless you got a fiddle in the band'?). Apparently time, rehearsals, and a few other shows have done them well. The band is clean and tight and they are really having a good time up on the stage. Some polishing on the lead vocals will really have them knocking it home. The front man, Ryan Mars, is doing a great job of interacting with the audience and calling out folks to get out on the floor and dance. If he really wants to make an impression, he should jump off the stage and do it himself. Grab a hottie out of the crowd and two step with her!
With some folks scootin around the floor during his set, you can tell the enjoyment factor is there. No Grammies yet and Nashville will have to wait, but you can see them now. If you like that new country sound you will be happy to kick your heels up with these guys. I would venture to guess that if they are still kickin it in a year the experience and time will have them headline some gigs and packing a few of our local, known the world over, establishments. Country will always be King deep in the heart of Texas.

Aimless Gun ) had there turn on stage this evening as well. I have harped and plugged about these guys for quite a while. If you are new to the blog, read past posts, if not GREAT, go to a show and tell them you read about them here...and make them buy you a beer (just kidding). I think these guys have everything in line and are ready to blow up. The music is perfect...the rock mix with a tiny tiny bit of country, the live sound is awesome, and their look is [sigh] good...dammit! 

As for the music, with the blend and style of rock that they can easily meld over to a country twang, they have their bases covered. The live sound is just phenomenal based on the fact that they performed recently on a live radio broadcast and the sound was so seamless, you couldn't tell if it was live or if it was Memorex. And finally about the look, a friend of mine was introduced to theses guys at their CD release party in the recent past. The only thing she could say as she met them one buy one was "OMG! They keep getting prettier and prettier each time I meet a new one!"  I would just like to see a couple of things that, IMHO, would possibly push them up even further or closer to that edge. Get a female lead to share vocals on a couple of songs. Loosen up on stage. I have seen them on a small stage where they are closer together and easier to interact...not! and seen them on a bigger stage and they are all over the place and having a great time. that shit all the time... if it's to cramped get off the damn stage and make all the world your stage. Use wireless if ya gotta.

AHHHH Ryan Harkrider ), what a fun fucking guy to go see. He really does do it all. For me this is a great front man to go see. The music and songs blend together, like it or not, he controls the music very tightly. He is all over the stage, having conversations with the audience, jumping off the stage, having special guests. RIGHT, this may not work for everyone and every type of music, but on my side of the fence it is so fun and cool and really does make you smile to see that interaction.

As far as the new disc, BINGO! It is great. No sophomore jinx here. The content is there, the sound is distinctly Harkrider and the Night Owls. A performance worth absorbing and a disc worth owning. Look for Ryan in one of his many incarnations as he has side projects seemingly all over the place. No matter how he is there, whether as Ryan Harkrider or with another band, it will be good music and a good time to go see.