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Saturday, September 3, 2011

and the boys are growing up...

My first trip, and maybe my last, to beautiful Texas Music Theatre in San Marcos, Texas. The venue is gorgeous! Lots of room, cool ass balconies. Very, VERY much looks like a smaller version of the new Austin Music Hall.

Aimless Gun ) was onstage this evening. Their first trip and hopefully not their last to the music theatre. I noticed it over a year ago and here I stand believing again that this is true...this band was built and designed for a bigger stage.

No, they don't run back and forth like Angus (that would be a sight to see though - try it Zach, jk), but they are interacting with each other onstage more now than I have seen in the past and it's very cool. They don't have some high powered lasers or bad ass pyros, it's just good country/rock. It is just good to see and experience this band in a larger venue with room on the stage...they just fit!

The performance was top notch. If you haven't been to an Aimless Gun performance, you wouldn't know that it was new material or a new set list, but it is! I must say that they are definitely honing their skills creating a set list that both pleases the audience and they have fun doing . It shows in the performance and with the comfort they are showing on stage.

I have said it before...and will probably repeat this a few more times until they break nationally (it's coming)...if you haven't seen them yet go! You might be behind the curve as far as being a friend of the band, but fans a great, and they do this for the love of the music. Go out and see them.