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Saturday, August 27, 2011

A long way across the water

Here is another great reason to brave a mid week adventure to DT Austin. Go to work tired as shit the next day because you went out and saw some great live local music, NICE! You will usually not have the obnoxious crowd, just us older lecherous bastards having a drink, enjoying the music that our lovely little hamlet has to offer.

SO, here I am again at One2One ( ) and I am not complaining either. This guy on stage is so very awesome.

Karl Morgan (!/karlfmorgan ) Karl Morgan can do that fun uptempo rockin music with his very bluesy voice and then bust out into that slow blues jam that will leave you slightly breathless. I swear to god I had a damn Steamboat flashback siting there on the stool and listening. The bar, the sound, the warm Austin night air. Dammit Gregg you have succeeded in recreating it very well sir!

Karl and his three piece is very tight and clean, yet gritty at the same time. To watch him play the guitar is every bit as impressive as he sounds. He works the guitar from tuning pegs down.I bet this man loves his guitar so much he sleeps with it! His ensemble is good enough to make the fill, provide the rhythm, yet subtle enough to let Karl shine. With a set full of originals he is worth stopping in and getting the dirty fucked up part of your day at work to wash away! I know you will recognize the sound and you will feel your soul loosen up (just a little). If you are starved for that blues/Steamboat action, then bring your old tired ass here during the week. Gregg runs a mean sound the staff at the bar is sure to please too.