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Thursday, August 18, 2011

I got Wormz

The Dirty Dog ) has been an awesome establishment to see a myriad of different types of live music. Rap, Hip-Hop, Alternative, and Rock/Metal are all mainstays on the menu. Any given night on any given weekday night or weekend this place is living up to the Live Music Capital name. The new layout is awesome, with the stairs to the stage facing the back, making it less crowded on the side of the stage for load in/load out. The new bar in the back is on the side and offers a great view of the club and way more drinking area (Now if we could just get Ben to design a decent green room). And of course the new lighting on the stage KICKS ASS!

This particular evening was a performance by regionally known and Austin loved, Dirty Wormz. Along with several other acts opening, the Wormz have again proven to be something more than what they are and, without a doubt, bigger and greater than where they are at in the music industry. With an announcement by Smackola, the bands energetic and intense MC/Lead singer, they have been signed to another 'major' label, we can only hope that this takes them to the stratospheric heights they so deserve.

The Dirty Wormz ) so deserve the big break, the major label signing, and the promoting that comes with the notoriety that the music and being in a band brings. And of course I mean this with love as Smack and DJ Crash (and the rest of the band of course) deserve this for the unending touring and hard work.

The performance this nite was taken from the eyes of a Wormgin (Dirty Wormz virgin).

People watching at a show is great, and at a Dirty Wormz show it can be AWESOME and hilarious at the same time. My girlfriend went with me because I have a penchant for running my mouth and talking lots o shit, non stop about something I am excited about. Yes, she was a two kids (Angel and Billy) - not Wormgins. In fact, they have been on stage with the Wormz and Billy has been tossed off the stage into the crowd 2x now (you gotta check out the YouTube video - Bill Bad Azz). A N Y W A Y, their performance is always bad azz. To quote mijita "Why aren't these guys playing at the ATT Center. They should be huge! OMG! Not just their music, but how they perform. OMFG! They are soooo fucking bad ass!"

The Wormz called for all Wormginz in the house to raise their hands. I quickly gave my gf a sideways glance, nodded my head for her to put her hand down. Two minutes later she understood why. The two lucky/unlucky kids that were volunteered by their friends were then jumped into the clan, officially becoming 'Worm Headz'. They weren't the center of attention, they were the center of the damn mosh pit and any pit at a Dirty Wormz show is fucking wild! I looked over after the mayhem started only to see Mariza with her eyes wide open and hand clamped over her between laughing and went to prove that both the performance and show were over the top.

WOW! I know I have said it before, but it was nice to experience it from another point of view. Especially from someone who normally doesn't listen to metal or "your favorite rock bands rock band"!

They performed some new shit, so you can look forward to going to see them and be thoroughly entertained. Even had Hall of Fame MC Overlord bounce up onstage and he kicked it for a couple of songs.

As far as the other performers, I will follow up their performances in a short blog next.