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Saturday, July 23, 2011

so here I sit

My silence over the last few weeks has been quite awkward for me. I don't mind doing the music blogs, I love meeting new bands and people, and Austin is the greatest place in the world to experience lots of different music.

I would pass by the computer and there it sat, blankly staring at me. 'Why wont you touch me?' I wonder if it's buzzing hard drive thinks. This horrible tugging I feel each time I think about how to write this next performance. Each time I sit down in front of the computer to write, no beuno. just blank. Its a problem with how to describe this band and their performance.

So here is the decision I have made. I will write about the band here and blog about the performance in the next one.

BoomboxATX is definitely Austin's original and BEST party band. The lineup of talent and musically what they represent for Austin music, and music to the world, is staggering, breathtaking, and awe inspiring at the same time.

Fuck those late night talk shows with their statements of "the hardest working band in the business" or " the hardest working horn section"! BULLSHIT!

These guys ARE the hardest working band. collaboratively representing DECADES of musical talent and genius. Grammy awards, lifetime achievement awards, hall of fame...blah blah blah. You are reading this and better not be saying that you haven't gone out to see them yet or haven't seen them in the past.

This reunion has been four years in the making since the original incarnation (that is currently playing through August) last left the stage.

Carlos Sosa and the Grooveline horns - representing Jason Mraz and locally The Scabs, as well as many other projects

Les Fisher - also representing Jason, as well as the Boneshakers, and locally his own projects including Les and the Funk Mob

Donnell Robinson - MC Overlord himself. locally and regionally known as Big Don and representing a multitude of projects he has his hands in.

Don't let me sell the rest of this group as anything less then stellar!