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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Buddy Quaid

I caught this set at Momo's ( ) recently. Tagged like many of the other local bands that have that same singer/songwriter sound by my daughter as "that 'Austin Sound'". It's that fun, friendly, heartfelt (I would hope so), acoustic guitar, electric guitar, kinda country, but definitely rock n roll sound.

The Buddy Quaid Band ) is one of those bands. It is really really good music. Not outstanding, earth shaking, make Bono show up and call you up from the minors to open for U2, but really good. It is that great music to sit back and relax, drink a beer and enjoy that warm Austin Sound. The set is completely original tunes. The plus to this is that it was some nice toe tapping music that you were able sing along with on the chorus. You felt like you knew the song and got the hook.

Performance wise this was not what I jump up and down about. They played the music and played it well, but didn't play the audience.

If you jump to his page via the link you will probably learn that you know this guy. For me what was even better is that he has a nice since of humor and proportion to his music against, say, Bob Schneider. Very good stuff.

Look around, look him up, and drink a beer.