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Friday, August 26, 2011

A pissed off white boy and the Doc

Dirty minds gather for dirty times and do dirty things at the Dirty Dog )!

Adam "ARay" and Doc Deuce handled up on a rowdy crowd one particular evening recently and it went a little something like this....

ARay ) deserves respect because he is an admitted Juggalo (as am I, but I wont admit it, HA!). What pisses me off about someone like ARay is that is is good. Really good! at what he does. The problem is that jack asses like me will invariably always compare him to that other pissed off white boy M&M (yeah I did that on purpose). On this particular night his rhymes where a little on the sloppy side and he sure as hell did not need the other MC on stage with him. Adam you can hold your own! It just felt sloppy and off pace. If he was nervous opening for this evenings headliner I can understand, but fix it.

DO NOT get me wrong, I liked him and I think there is much potential there. He performs for the crowd and really plays the part. You can feel his intensity and passion, which is fuckin awesome, and damn does this kid know how to promote himself. REALLY!!!

DOC DEUCE ) "once again its the incredible, rhyme animal!"

Love Doc, I think he is one of the most intelligent rappers around. Lyrics that are smooth with a flow that is like water...never ending, unstoppable, and (like a tsunami) will ultimately push you over no matter what you do! Tonite I was saddened as Doc was not performing with the full band. BUT with the amazing DJ Crash and Swizzy (sp?) living it up behind him. It was still very fun.

He is emphatic in his delivery. He is direct with his approach to the audience and he is verbally consuming with lyrical content.

Check out either one of these two guys when you are ready for some good rap attack. Different styles, but great impact!