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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Scoot Inn to the night

Alrighty then, I am now slightly refreshed from writing til 2:30 in the morning (thanks Shea for keeping me awake to finish the first half).
So after seeing Rodney Branigan, Midnight Bombers, and Mingo Fishtrap we were now in for the CRAZIEST performance of the night.Peelander Z ( ) WTF!!!! Uhm, I think this is performance art at it's highest level. These guys did not show up from Planet Peelander (yeah check their myspace page) just to play music, they came to TAKE OVER THE WORLD! (or just your mind). This is undoubtedly the most insane, frantic, spastic band I have EVER seen. It was all fun, complete audience participation is required or just go home. They are billed as Punk and for the most part I could hear it. I have nothing bad to say about this because it was so different and as part of the collective whole for the day it was awesome. Just to give you a little insight on how surprising they are, a couple of the Aimless Gun boys and their manager showed up during the performance, none of us could stop laughing at the same time we were asking ourselves "I don't know what to think", "are they for real", "I think I like the music". So please take my word on this one, check them out next year when they make a return to SXSW (this is their third trip here).This is what I came for (no offense to any of the other amazing performances that Angel and I experienced) to see The Dirty Wormz ( and ). I have listened to their music for several years now, loved "Top of the food chain" (props to Overlord), and heard about the intensity of their shows. Yes it was ALL good! I am happy to be one of the lucky people that knows Overlord, and while sitting with him in the back of The Scoot Inn The Wormz started showing up and gravitating towards him (lucky me). Met the guys in the band, joked around, and had a laugh at the damage that Father Time has done to Overlords memory,

Wormz - " Whatcha doin on your phone "
Ovey - "Lookin up lyrics!"
everyone - "WHAT!"
Ovey - "Say I haven't performed Top of the food chain in forever, I just wanna make sure I get it right"
Wormz - "Oh, don't worry about that we'll help ya through"

So the Wormz hit the stage, gave an very nice Sunday morning sermon (for the heathens that didn't attend before going downtown to see the show) and then completely LIT IT UP. Just like the band before them, they were about the performance, the show, and the music! Their costumes were potent enough to scare the crap out of Angel and even some other chick in the audience who would shriek every time her boyfriend pushed her towards the stage. AAHHH and then that moment came when they fired up 'Top o the food chain', Overlord was called up and sure as shit he owned the mic with no doubt and no hesitation. Like there was even a doubt! Much audience participation, the hard hitting riffs, and punchy vocals, all the shit I heard about and came to see. I am excited to be able to see them perform again soon (03/27/2010 -Club Encore), be there or "Rubik's cube".

...and finally the man, the myth, the legend...MC Overlord ( ) himself. I wondered, after seeing the performance and energy of the Wormz, how could he follow that. What a STUPID ass thought, he mixed it up a bit, jumped into it and proved why HE IS a 13x Live Hip-Hop Artist of the year in Austin!!!! It was a short set, but he stayed on fire the whole time (even got Michael Dillard onstage to through  down with some lines (still think Mike has a fucking great and unique voice). The really nice thing is that the boys from Aimless Gun were in the house and, FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, got to see MC Overlord perform. I will tell ya, his energy is amazing, the music is supreme and to see those guys faces after his performance after the show, really said it all. This guy is an Austin icon and has inspired so many people, and for a couple of guys that he's repping and booking, you know it must've been awe inspiring to realize he doesn't talk shit, he is the shit!