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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

They got yo kids!!!!

DeadPool ( is from San Antonio, but definitely seemed at home in Austin. For the few people that were there in attendance, we enjoyed. Too few to mosh and thrash, but still enjoy the shit outta their music. Typical short set for first up, but you should look forward to them coming back to Austin and getting to play a later set. Now, Club Encore is well suited for these guys and they are well suited to kick some thrash on a later set time. Let the crowds kill each other in the pit when they hit the stage. Good stuff.

Shrapnel, ( well know these guys were just sharp. The duel guitars with completely different sounds, and I'll be damned if the lead singer didn't remind me of a very young Ted Nugent (though he surely didn't sound like him). These guys got the stamp of approval from Angel. "I just love the sound of the [lead] guitar. And the singers voice is sooo good." and actually they pulled off some great stuff. Got the audience in on some of the music and even had the balls to chastise the now growing crowd, "Man I don't know why you weren't here earlier, Deadpool KILLED IT!" They did play one song that was an intstumental and said they weren't sure if they should put lyrics to it. Say guys, great song, but as I stood there in the crowd listening to it and watching the crowd, put lyrics to it! Everybody was just kinda standing there, as awesome as the song is, everybody just stood there. HOOK IT UP!
The Dirty Wormz ( , , ) so I wrote about their performance at the Rozone Showcase for SXSW and I thought they were supremely entertaining. uh-duh, that was a VERY abbreviated set compared to this night. Odd thing to me was how many kids were in the audience, it just seemed weird. Nothing wrong with it, just odd. And just to prove how diverse the crowd is, I was standing next to the bass player for Sacrefix and Vows in Ashes (what up Jay).

My blog is all about the performance, I don't try to review the music, I leave that to you. To me it's about the performance, the stage presence, the stage presentation. G*ddammit if the Wormz didn't bring down the house. From the latex incased woman that leads the band out, to Dirty D and Jax with their masks on, Doc just stands there and creeps you out. For the Dirty Wormz it is ALL about the performance. Mix that with a crazy metal grind, DJ Crash doing some crazy mixes with heavy metal you've never heard, a live drum sound (no drum machine here) and a unique vocalization by front man Smackola, it is as much about entertaining the audiences eyes as it is their ears. Check out these two videos to get a weak ass idea of how much fun the shows are (I say 'weak ass' cause it's a weren't there) and (
For a local Austin born band that has been around as long as they have been, I am sad I haven't been to more live shows. I am glad they are not stopping to rest yet (new project on the horizon - 10.10.10, Kobosh). It seems like they have plenty more to come. I have said this before and it definitely rings true here, see them now, see them soon, don't regret it, because once you've seen it and experienced WILL BE A WORM HEAD too!