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Monday, March 22, 2010

Nothing's Sacred

That's right, even the beautiful and special event of a quinceanera. You know, it's all private, by invitation only, right? Hey! If there's a live band performing and I am there, I am gonna write about it. Thanks to Jesse "The Jammer" Cruz for the inviting my family and I to be a part of this wonderful event.

Now, to those of you who have never been to a quinceanera or don't know what it is, I AM NOT going to try to explain. Just ask a friend of yours who you think would know.

I am happy to say that the performance I saw was from a Tejano band call Grupo Vida ( ), they hail from San Antonio. Like the title of my blog, this was another great performance. Tejano music is not generally my forte, but I loved this performance and apparently everyone in the hall did as well. It was the perfect mix of Tejano, country (which I really liked and enjoyed), and some cover tunes. They even did a tejano/rock cover of "I Love Rock n Roll" (which made my son Billy really happy, as this is his favorite song). They poured out their souls onto the dance floor and you could feel it. All were smiling, laughing, singing along (thanks Mingo, I can do without the serenade next time) and dancing. You know damn well that it's good music and a fun band when you see people in the crowd dancing with their house shoes/slippers on (oh and I WILL be posting photos of that Bel). I did briefly speak with the singer and the guitarist who confirmed that they were on their way to Austin to perform at SXSW that very same night...yeowch! I hope they were received there as well as they were at this event.

I don't know how often they make it up here to Austin, but if you are down with the good dance music and a fun time to be had by all, check them out.