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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Saturday night and Bobby Bookout's ALRIGHT!

I have had this co-worker bugging me for about a year, "You gotta see these guys I know, the band is called Fremen (from the book 'Dune'). They'll totally blow your mind." This is the exclamation from David (props). So Saturday night I rambled on down to the Dirty Dog to see my friend Bobby Bookout and wouldn't ya know who was opening...Fremen. Leaned over to my best friend Danny, who checked into the club with me, and said "I've heard about these guys, but never heard them."

Fremen ) Their sound is definitely some Sunday morning, waking up from a sick hangover, kind of music. The sound is very mellow, laid back, with enjoyable rhythms. I even heard a Latin island kinda sound in there. The duel vocals were such a different sound, one slow and smooth, the other on the rapid attack. The vocal blend to the music is decidedly unexpected, so now that I have heard the Fremen, I love the music.

...and now for an after dinner late, LATE night snack...Bobby Bookout )! Now that was a kick ass opening to the set, fast and fun, hot damn I wish my wife was here (she would've died with all the damn cigarette smoke though). I remain thoroughly impressed as it was pretty damn near a packed house and as soon as Bobby hit the stage there was actually a push forward. WTF?!?

The lead guitar seemed to have that Memphis blues sound as he played some of his licks and as I sat there looking around at everyone enjoying the music, I came to the stark realization that this is just simply BAD ASS date music. Now hear my out before you laugh to hard (and before you get pissed Bobby), but it's like this...dinner, maybe a movie, and then a nice live performance, "warm it up before you take it home" kind of music, ha! There I said it!

It's rocking enough for the guys to like and smooth enough to make all the ladies squeal and yell. Bobby even has a couple of pantie droppers in his repertoire, and I am telling you all the ladies were on the dance floor, down in front dancing and swinging away. This was repeated a second time right at the end of the set and this time the ladies were dragging the men out onto the floor and grinding it out. NOW do ya see what I mean by "date music".

Thanks Bobby Bookout, look forward to the next one. I think i'll take a date and we'll have dinner on our way to the show ;-)