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Monday, July 12, 2010

Enough Metal for the Airport detectors

Saturday nite at the Red Eyed Fly. The Kids, myself and 4 1/2 hrs of metal. Although we did not make it in time for the first band we still had 4 more bands with plenty of kick to make us forget! Cannon ATX, Butcherwhite, Holy Hell Rod, AND Snake Skin Prison! The variation of metal was the sounds of maybe some old Judas Priest and Metallica (ala Cliff) to Pantera and Lamb of God. Not all together that different, but different enough that I think every one was pleased, and as a metal fan (if you are) any one of these groups would be good enough to stand on their own and be a worthwhile $5 for some fun and thrashing.

Cannon ATX ( ), so these guys are from right here in the ATX and as in the forward, these were the guys that seemed  (IMHO) to have a very old school Metallica sound. NOT the vocals, but the sound, and it was definitely mixed with some other influences that escape me, but it was thoroughly enjoyable. Lead singers voice was totally unexpected and had a quite lyrical quality to it. There was actually a decent crowd enjoying, a mixture of the musicians from the other bands as well as fans. So if ya got a couple o'bucks or there is a no cover night when you happen upon a club where they are playing, stop in, have a beer and a listen.

Butcherwhite ( ) was up next and of the three bands prior to SSP, these guys kicked it the way I like to hear it. DO NOT give me any shit about this comparison as it is my own and it is what I heard ( it has NOTHING to do with the fact that the lead singer is follicley [sp?] challenged, LOL). This was a very Judas Priest - British Steel kind of sound, of course their Austin originality shines through, but it was awesome with the dueling lead guitars. Just a great old school metal sound. I had a lot of fun listening to this band and apparently this is where Billy started to get his second wind, got up and started enjoying and moving through the crowd. Even here, the crowd remained consistent and showed that they were definitely down with this sound too. These guys will have my couple of bucks anytime I get to catch them around town, for sure!

Holy Hell Rod ( ) is from Houston and I, as well as Angelina and some other crazy boys in the audience, were definitely up for this. Somewhat of a cross between Pantera and Lamb of God, these guys really blew this shit up. At one point the lead singer even apologized for being so different and heavy...WTF! Dude we may be in Austin and keeping it weird but we STILL know how to rock. Angel really, really liked this band for the night and even commented that the vocals were reminiscent of Devil Wears Prada, I guess, but I think she was just hearing the singing from the throat. Hopefully they will be able to make some other shows here in Austin. Holy Hell, I think they could support a show as a headliner. SO, in Houston go find a rock bar, and if they are playing, step in and you will thoroughly enjoy.

With all of that said, Snake Skin Prison ( ) was the specialty on the plate for the night. As irony would have it, I heard an interview with these guys on the radio about a year ago and heard some of their songs, yup I was imprisoned, HA! Anyway, after BS'ing with a buddy at work, he totally snapped and put Matt (lead singer and guitarist) of SSP and I together on Facebook. So to you Dave TeeVee ( ), los ninos y yo salute you. Thanks for the heads up and we all three loved the performance. Matt to you and your bad ass fuckin hillbilly accent, can't wait til you break out and become a rock god. IN the meantime for the rest of you reading this, you HAVE TO go see SSP when you get a chance. From the looks of the crowd and all the damn SSP shirts, they already have a helluva following, but you can join TOO! Matt makes a baddassss story teller onstage, makes it completely fun for the audience. The bass player makes a point of getting down, roaming the crowd, and being completely interactive. The music was like this...a mix of Molly Hatchet and Matts own brain it was awesome. You don't have to know any of the songs because by the chorus you would be screaming along with the rest of the audience. Just awesome!

all photos by: Angel Skye and Billy