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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hot Sauce Festival on a hot ass day!

I started the morning out not knowing what I was gonna do today. Got a call from my buddy Danny reminding me about the 20th Annual Hot Sauce Festival. Well HOT DAMN! I am not really down with doing alot of this stuff by myself because it is always good to have someone to bounce smart ass comments off of. WHATEVER!

I did arrive a little late compared to the bands scheduled but did get to catch three bands. El Tule, Uncle Lucius, and David Garza.

I met Chris, the drummer from Distant Lights ( ) and got a copy of their 3 song EP. Very nice...I liked the sound and wish I had been at the festival a little earlier to catch their set. I am sure it would have kicked ass like the sound on the disc. Go check them out!

El Tule ( ) had just taken the stage when I got into the festival.  How could you go anywhere to any festival and hear some great latin, cumbia music and not feel happy or feel like dancing. (Mijita it would have been wonderful)! I have always had this kind of affection for that brass sound and El Tule delivers without question or regrets. This is the sound that makes festivals fun and lively. By the looks of the crowd I think they would all agree. And what a kick ass way end a set. Everyone, old and young, was just moving, grooving, and dancing away to the up tempo, fast and fun. Look them up, go see them, buy a CD and play it loud at your next get together and watch your family and friends have fun too!

Uncle Lucius ( ) had that foot stompin', hand clappin' kind of music if there ever was one. The crowd grew bigger, the sound grew louder, and that fuckin Texas heat just seemed to melt away. Looking at the fun in the sun that the audience was having, Uncle Lucius made it ok to stand in line. and OH shit! they broke out the horns, it's all over now! These guys now had the crowd by the hot sauce balls, LOL! With some slow funky grooves mixed in, Uncle Lucius is luscious.

David Garza ( ) is a little latin, a little dance, and a great guitar. The crowd actually was pushed up to the stage, there was some room made for dancing. So amazing and great seeing so many people having so much fun irregardless of the ridiculous heat! David was not afraid to point out people in the audience, call out the non moving, no dancing ass people. Tell the dancers to keep dancing and everyone else to sing along. To dance and enjoy is to see the crowd love David.