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Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Gem from the heavens?

One2One ) OH Shit! and OH my god!...I got to see the HiDefs tonite (and at One2One none the less). I have seen Mingo Fishtrap ) at a SXSW event AND Angelina got to do a meet and greet (check out one of the waayyyy older blogs and you will see the pics and write up).
So the Hi-Defs!/TheHiDefs ) are also affectionately known as little Mingo and I was finally able to see them all by a simple stroll down the street on this particular night. With a great Mississippi Delta blues sound and a little Louisiana soul these are the things that will tickle your soul. As a big man once said to me "he's got a voice so sweet it would make angels cry and make you wanna smack yo momma." So take this as a fact that you will really have to go see them to experience the experience!

When you have a force to be reckoned with and an unstoppable object the heavens will weep with joy! So there are the HiDefs on stage making us smile and feel religion all at once, then upon the stage appears...OVERLORD!

So still, the One2One remains a gem in the Austin nightlife music scene, tucked away on the corner of 5th and Brazos. Thanks for a great night Gregg!