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Thursday, January 27, 2011

no Krummy night here!

This aint no beauty bar, it's nestled right there on the edge of Walller Creek at 7th and Red River. The Red 7 ( is one of the hard rockinist clubs in our famed live music district, both inside and out it is a great place to catch any of Austins heavier, harder, or more eclectic acts.

This particular night i dragged my sorry ass DT to catch the Krum Bums ( http://WWW.MYSPACE.COM/KRUMBUMS ), a great local punk band with the attitude and swagger of yo momma. Just fuckin awesome! The insanity they bring to the stage and the audience brings to the floor is absolutely nuts! It is so fun to be at a show where there is still stage security being a bunch of pussies stopping the folks from getting onstages and flinging themselves into the audience. Nope! Hell No! Just do it! Top to Bottom, start to finish, it was no stop frantic thrashing of bodies and limbs. Even when the proverbial fight broke out, the music just kept coming. This was a bigger, greater performance than the last time when I them at Emo's.

The other band was Black Irish ( ). Thank god these guys havent gotten pigeon holed into some bullshit corner of an Irish pub playing stupid drinking songs. This is that mean, vicious drinking music that forces you to drink Lonestar and Jameson at the same time. No matter what the attitude, you hear this sound and it immediately makes you smile, cheer and forget all! Definitely check out their page and catch them around.

Many bands to hear this night at the Red 7 during free week in Austin. Next year take advantage of this bad ass event in our awesome town and great music district! Go see some live music, support the live music, and enjoy free week!