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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Feelin Dirty?

Friday night at the Dirty Dog ). Always a favorite stop for the bikers (and by that I mean the APD 6th St Bike patrol) as well as a mixed bag crowd. Bikers (the real ones with leather Harley's, leather jackets, and bandannas), an older crowd (blazers and blue hair), the occasional bachlorette party (screaming, shot taking girls in any bar is generally never a problem), and the rest of us hanging out watching the Keep Austin Weirdness unfolding before our eyes.

Stonedakota ) has the Slayer vocals on a dirty, grinding fuckin metal base...just the was I like it! These guys are based in Austin and from the looks of it do play quite often around town so get your metal fix and check them out. And by the way, if you are gonna have the BALLS to metal up Pink Floyd, this is the way it should be done. These are the muthafuckas that I would definitely want to hear doing it...cheers to you "Have a Cigar".