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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Ending it good

I wasn't sure if this would be my last post about 2015, but apparently it was the last show I went here you go.

Shooters ( in Cedar Park is located just a couple of minutes from the Cedar Park Center - Home of the Texas Stars. After a great night of watching the Stars play at home, my dad and I stopped at Shooters to check out a band he speaks highly of. I was definitely OK with this.

Shooters is located in a micro mall, strip center. plenty of parking and easy access in and out. When you walk in the door it is pretty much your typical pool hall. Not a grand huge one, but a pool hall none the less. It is primarily the single room with the bar immediately to your left from the door, pool tables to your right, and a patio out back. There is a nice stage that is located dead in front of you when you walk in the door. It is somewhat attached to the end of the bar and the bathrooms are located behind the stage, as well as the door to go out to the patio.

Occupying the stage was Jokerville ( This is your favorite rock bands from the 70's and 80's rolled into a 3 man package. ALL of your favorite rock jams are done by these 3 fellows and done well. Both the bass player and the guitarist trade of vocal duties, so they are well capable of turning out most of your favorite jams without a problem.

I have no problem with saying that I am spoiled on the live music scene in Austin. With so much bad ass local talent doing so many originals, I forgot the joy of a good cover band. And Jokerville is GOOD! Really good in fact. I was beyond pleased at the variety of hits they did and how well they did them all. No, the vocals are not identical to the originals, but they are not a tribute band.

The lead guitarist is just amazing with the triple duty of vocals, lead and rhythm, and keyboards. Yes! I told you they can do them all, and very well indeed. Not to be outdone by the lead guitarist, the bass player does fantastic with his vocal choice songs as well. For me the big surprise is a drummer who can blast out 'Panama'on his kit, the way this guy does. It made me wonder what the hell Alex VanHalen needed all those toms for, because this guy killed it with his kit, and it WASN'T a giant rack, kit with multi layers.

Do yourself a favor, take a break from 'Keeping It Weird', look up Jokerville and have some beers and a great time going back. Happy to say this was a good way to musically end 2015.