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Friday, March 11, 2016

The Sun is rising on Sundown

The Rattle Inn ( Located within the entertainment district known as 6th St, Austin, Texas. The Rattle Inn provides your basic needs in a honky tonk bar. It is a bar, it has a stage, and you can really enjoy some great music...up close. For a bar there is not a whole lot of BANG. An outdoor seating area as you walk up. A nice sized room when you walk in the front door. The stage is directly in front of you with the bar on the wall to the left. Some seating around the perimeter, but it's kind of obvious this place is a bar...with a stage.

And on the stage,this evening, was something new for me. Although some of the players were familiar to me, Sundown Revelry ( was a wonderful new experience. These guys came to play rock an roll, not metal, just Rock! With a song list of originals that was just as impressive as their live energy, these guys are easy to make you put your belief in the fact that Austin is live music!

The band is a 4 piece with the lead singer doing guitar duties as well. A drummer, a bassist, and another guitar player fill it out. And fill it out they do! Although this particular gig was a week out from the insanity that is SXSW, there was still a moderate crowd. The GREAT thing was Sundown Revelry had every persons attention right after the first song. Crisp guitar work, a lead singer with a great voice, Sundown Revelry is that rock band you wanted to go see, but didn't know who they were, or where. Now you've got the inside. This is one of those great bands to meet friends at the show, or center your night around the performance.

While plowing through an hour plus set, the band managed to do massive respect to the police as well as STP and a couple of other covers. The even had someone from the crowd cheering obnoxiously for a song from the SpaceJam soundtrack....shake my damn head. All the while belting out their originals and making every person in the house want more. What was terrible, is the band proving...when you are having fun time flies! It was such great music, performed well, and received by the crowd even better than that. Sundown Revelry positions themselves to be a great breakout beast here in Austin. Don't take my word for it, but take my word for it. Go catch them and be prepared to see the sunrise on Sundown Revelry!