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Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Greatest Thing You'll Ever Learn

The new full length album from 'The Roosevelts'. This is a Nashville group with their feet firmly planted in that Americana sound. 

On the first track, and throughout the album you hear the amazing harmonies between lead singer/rhythm guitar player, James Mason, and lead guitar/mandolin wizard, Jason Kloess.

'The Greatest Thing You'll Ever Learn' is a wonderful and fun story telling of love,  love lost,  and whiskey. From the fun, up tempo hit song 'This is Life' to the longing and forlorn track 'Ashes', James and Jason simply weave a tapestry of some truly sing along songs on this 35 minute journey.

'Tell only lies' is it that fearful track of a one night stand? Only to be followed with the spirited and lustful track 'Belly of the beast'. The entire story laid out before your ears is only capped off by the tongue and cheek track 'Peaches'. What a great and danceable track,  begging you to enjoy that fruit everyone always seems captivated by. Just grab your honey,  pull them close and tell them to give it to you...Baby!

'Runaround' has that pop sound you would swear you heard on the radio before. In all, I leave to you several other well written and gracious tracks to explore for yourself.

This album, by The Roosevelts, is that beautiful spring day or fall evening soundtrack to our lives. 'The Greatest Thing You'll Ever Learn' is the sit around the fire pit with your friends, and toast to the wonderfulness of life type of album.

Available online everywhere April 2016.