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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Willards got Skills

Pflugerville has really started to pick up the live music scene recently. With the new additions and remodels, PTown is offering more options for the locals to catch some good music almost any night of the week and every weekend you can definitely find something worthy of driving up the road from Austin, or out your front door if you live there.

Wagners Backyard ( is one of these places. Not only providing a pretty damn outdoor area to hang out in, but play some yard games and card games. With a very respectable stage outdoor you would almost not realize there is a stage inside also. Just as you walk in the front door of Wagners, the stage is immediately to your left. Although it would be great if the stage faced towards the back yard or was arranged in a slightly different fashion, it still provides humble little spot for a band to kick it and a few folks inside to enjoy.

My wife and I purposefully wandered in this particular evening to catch the Zach Willard Band ( I believe these guys hail from the Cedar Park area. We were surprised and pleased they were hanging out and playing some music this evening. With an extremely pleasant, large, building sized doorman working and chatting with us, The Zach Willard Band provided the music for great evening.

The Zach Willard Band is a 4 piece with Zach doing vocals and guitar work, he proved to be an entertainer. There was a large group sitting at the table in front of the stage and having a great time. It was great how Zach worked the crowd and made this show special and unique. Obviously I can't say if the band has performances like this every time they hit the lights, but I will tell you to go find them and enjoy this style of uptempo country music.

For me, the thing which left the biggest impression about the show was one little portion, where front man Zach Willard was soliciting info from the crowd. He the crowd to  several different things to him. Location, events, sports get the idea. He then proceeded to weave together a song right in front of the crowd. It was fucking awesome!

Stop by Wagners Backyard, drink a beer, play a game, watch a game, and if you plan it right enjoy and support live local music.

Look up the Zack Willard Band and have a fun time, sing along, and make memories.