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Monday, May 30, 2016

No membership dues

Dead Love Club (

I actually have caught this band twice. Once with some out of town family, the second at an after party show.

The first time was at the Dirty Dog. It was a jaw dropping, pants down kind of performance. The Dead Love Club is quite shocking in the party sense of the word. They are unexpected, tongue in cheek dirty, wear your leather chaps and put on your most scandalous lingerie. Whips, chains, and other miscellaneous accessories  optional. The crowd was completely excited and ready for the rest of the night once Dead Love Club bump and grinded their way through our ears.

The Dead Love Club is an eighties throwback band. Your favorite party tunes set up with that live sound which is an eyeful. The male and female lead vocals are exciting and energetic. The live guitar and drums, along with the keyboards and DJ setup ensures the music doesn't stop at all.

The second time I saw the Dead Love Club was at an after party at The Mohawk for a touring band. And the crowd was totally into this performance. I am telling you, there were people in the crowd dressed in the most outrageous costumes. Celebrating the music like I haven't seen in a while from a crowd and with a sexy performance by the female lead singer, it was hot enough to warm your leather chaps! The mash-ups the Dead Love Club do of some of the greatest party songs ever, along with their own originals, is what you would want and need on any Friday or Saturday night. Because if you see this party band on any other night of the week, plan on staying late and feeling great, but not so much the next morning.

Remember, there are no membership dues for this club. All are welcome.