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Thursday, June 10, 2010

The kids are alright!

A Tuesday night at the Saxon Pub ) with Monte Montgomery ( ) and Aimless Gun ( ) and it was Casey's Birthday (Happy 23rd).

Now, as sad as this is, I did not actually go inside to see Monte ( money sucks), but it was still amazing sitting out front chillin and listening to him live. I never questioned the talent or skill (who the hell would I be to do that anyway, HA), but there is NOTHING but awe to hear him live! Mr Montgomery, I will save an entire blog for you when I am again provided the priviledge.

Well, as for my boys in Aimless Gun, a long hot sunny day on the San Marcos river celebrating Casey's birthday, and a hot night at The Saxon.

I still stay impressed with them everytime I see them. Whether it is the growth of them and their stage presence (more confidence and playfullness with the audience each time) or their professionalism in handling the bumps.

The bumps huh? While loading in for tonight, the horror of horrors for a drummer (besides no sticks) the bass drum hoop busted on the pedal side (AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!). While Shea (their manager) and Casey furiously worked at a temp repair, the band loaded in for their midnight performance.
All said and done, not only must the show go on, but it went on nicely. The crowd was a small, select lucky few, but this didn't stop them from performing, entertaining, and being professionals.

...and then the big man walked in...only catching the last song of their set, but egging from the audience brought on one more special song that I was very pleased and surprised to hear. Dedicated to Overlord, Cody (making us "promise to shake it like a polaroid picture") had the band perform "Hey Ya!". I know this song and so do all of you, but this spin was so unique, so Austin, and so owned by Aimless Gun.

When you finally get to a show, dont be scared to tell them to "shake it like a polaroid picture" and be prepared to be amazed and have fun.