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Monday, June 7, 2010

The music did Free Flow tonight

I just went to this performance Saturday (06/05/10) back at the One2One ( ). There to see my faithful friends and performers, Michael Dillard and Aimless Gun.

If you missed my first blog about Aimless, go back and check it out. By now, if you haven't partaken in their sweet and fun sound, you're not a friend of the band, you're just a fan! HAHAHAHAAH! Sadly if you hoover around and are generally creepy, you're not a friend or a are a STALKER (hey, I write for these guys so back off, HA!).

Free Flow - opened with two acoustics on a pretty rockin new song they profess to have only written about a week before, sweet! And I will say these two young men can make these acoustics talk to each other like nobodies business, it was harmonic, heh! Give it a little shake of Santana, some Latin influence. These boys definitely need a crowd so they can kick it right. You gotta 'get up, stand up' when they do some...yes of course... Bob Marley. Oh and then they stopped the acoustic and kicked it up a notch with the rest of the band joining them onstage. You guys gotta go see them and be part of the crowd. Free Flow does it fun!

AND THEN  MC Overlord walked in, I've said it before, Like Jesus stepped into the One2One. Everyone has to say hi, touch him, and be near him. I know better and get outta the way before I end up at the bottom of the stampede (Love ya Ovey!).

Micheal Dillard - once again Mike did it nicely. I will give you the example of what you are missing. My son and daughter get to go to Corpus to hang out for several weeks/whole summer [sniff sniff, teardrop]. When I told my daughter that I was going to see and hang out with Dillard and Aimless Gun, let me tell you there is nothing on this earth that is more powerful than the shriek of a 14 yr old girl who doesn't get to see these guys.
"Dad I don't want to go now!" WTF! Love you my baby girl but I promise that I will get you in very soon.
So to pacify her, I shot a crappy ass, noisy video of Mike doing 'Crazy' by Gnarls Barkley (yes, Micheal Dillard owns this and makes it his own)! Maybe if you are lucky I'll edit it and post on YouTube with the rest of my bootleg video collection.

And now to Aimless Gun. As fun as always. These guys are DEFINITELY getting better on stage and more comfortable on stage. It shows in the smiles and you hear it in the sound. BTW it is about to be too late to catch them cause I hear that there may be a tour getting ready to happen.


Again, nice to see local Austin talent showing up to support local Austin talent (thanks EPMB)!