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Friday, June 18, 2010

Knew there would be Nights Like This

A HOT Thursday night at Momo's ( ) was a really great musical evening in Austin. Would've been hotter to share it with someone, but I'll take this group on any weeknight for the fun and frivolity that they provide. Actually was able to catch 4 acts tonite (that's right, count'em FOUR bands, and 3 of them I haven't reviewed there William Harris, LOL).

Patrick Davis -  ( ) Singer and songwriter extrordinare! A man and his guitar (and apparently a huge fan of his right in front, because she sang every damn song as if it was her own, HA!). Patrick was very cool, nice country sound. As a performer he was top notch in talking to the audience and keeping us drawn into the music. As a songwriter he is top notch because he has several notable songs that have ended up on albums and/or radio play. Thanks Patrick for a nice start to a great night.

Meggan Carney - ( )Well this petite young woman has a hella good voice, plays a great acoustic set, and can mesmerize with some very old, classic music and the two piece behind her. Seemed to be a crowd favorite and had some folks get up and swing to her charms. Her talent and fans have apparently done her well as she will be making regular appearances at Momo's every Thursday in July. Go grab an amazing sandwich Downstairs then go to the top and enjoy a nice evening with some good music and a great voice! Even in the hot July heat, this would be so cool!

Jungleset - ( ) Hot Damn, this was completely different and amazing, very unexpected treat for the night. These guys (and girl - Meggan Carney pulling double duty and playing keyboard and doing vocals here after her set!) had so much energy it was crazy infectious. Just bad ass! You don't have to like my description, but I do this so you can picture it all in your head. So try this one on size for your noggin...
Remember the band No doubt (nope they don't sound like them)
Remember the song 'Don't Speak' (NO, they did not cover it)
Remember the video for that song (NO! they did not have it showing in the back ground), BUT in video it was a somewhat down tempo song (and a good one too, don't get me wrong). The video has several cut scenes where the band appears to be onstage live, rockin out, and thrashing around in slo-mo. THIS IS WHAT I WANT YOU TO PICTURE. Jungelset had that much energy and vigor on stage, regardless of the tempo of the song, they were having an absolute blast and you could feel it and see it.
Sadly they will be on hiatus for a couple of months as their drummer will be off doing his own thing. When they are back, check them out here, there, or anywhere.

Ryan Harkrider - ( ) one of his last local gigs before he jumps off to a Nor'easter tour supporting "Days Like This" album (much luck and love to ya, brother). Oh! and what fun it was (Dianna, sorry you missed it due to the hour, so I owe you one)! Tonite these guys were so very loose and yet amazingly tight at the same time. Ryan was doing his best at being a VH1 storyteller, Johhny Branch was keeping them in their seats ("Where the hell ya'll going...Katz's never Kloses!"), and Mothra was apparently trying to eat the keyboardist. We all had fun, the band was hot, the music was right on the money...Oh and the Lakers won!
Take the time and enjoy when you get the chance.