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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bentli's, Dillard's, and Guns...Oh My!

Friday nite 04/30 @ One2One.

Bentli is his name ( ) and kicking ass on the acoustic is his game. He has only been in Austin for a couple of months, but is now in love with the music scene and the weirdness of Austin. SOOO, his voice was so powerful he could definitely do it without a mic. How about this, when he has a movie made about his life, Brad Pitt will play the part of Bentli. Every time he started a song I could swear it sounded like Joe Walsh on the guitar, really did.
Another great pick for a night out and "who do we see?" Check him out, on the web or better yet live!

Michael Dillard, yes shut up, I did review Mike last week. That was acoustic, this was with a backing band. Well as much as I like him acoustically, the backing band filled it in nicely and made his already unique voice shine even more (you should check him out acoustic..the faces he makes while singing...Priceless). Mikes lead guitarist at this show was playing some amazingly wicked mean licks. Michael Dillard is definitely playing a more regular schedule, so take advantage of the ridiculously low cover charges and go listen.

Cody, OMG, about fuckin time I could clearly hear you above the band. Aimless Gun was up..and yes they were (up for about 24+ hours...a show in college station [nope did not go there] then an early Fri morning performance on Fox Austin). Go to their web page and follow the link to the early morning performance. They are still always fun to see, had folks dancing in the tiny space provided. OK! So which of you reading this hasn't seen these guys yet? Quit being a bunch of douches, just effin go! One night, two hours, Fun, fun, fun...what would you actually lose (besides the bug up your ass)?
Pointless Machete failed to show up, but TGIF 'cause Aimless Gun showed up and blew it away ; -)