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Saturday, April 16, 2011

From a desert planet, Fought in the Desert

I don't get tired of telling you about the awesomeness of One2One ( ). Just believe me, the bar is bad ass, the deck is uber cool, the staff kicks ass (there is that one woman behind the bar that has handled stacks of barfly's without a hitch), and ...of course...the music is ALWAYS right on the money. A few greenbacks at the door gets you a good time, EVERY TIME!

Tell Gregg or Destinee you read about them here...won't get you shit for saying it, but I like the sound of that anyway. HA!

Fremen ) and Bobby Bookout ), both of these artists have been done here before. There is not a lot of new to say...just good to say.

Fremen have never sounded so polished, clean, and tight. Apparently time in the studio has polished up their chops like you wouldn't believe. I am not to sure about that AC/DC song that they use for one of the tracks live, but the song lyrically kicks ass. All over all these are some busy ass kats and you need to get out and see them. With different projects going on, the single moments in time that they perform together are worth catching.


Okay, now that is out of the way, lets talk about the music. I can't truthfully say "nothing different here", Bobby does an amazing Muddy Waters, his guitarist, Cale, is UN FUCKING BELIEVABLE! The whole experience is very, very much something you have to share with a date!!! Bobby may have been feeling under the weather this particular evening, but as a testament to his belief in the performance and the music, those in the audience would have never known had Bobby not told us. Sacrifice the pipes for a great performance, damn y'all just gotta get up off yer asses and go!