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Monday, April 18, 2011

The Emotional Roller Coaster Tour?

So the end of SXSW there were the obligatory free shows at Auditorium Shores. I am not bitchin about the 'sell out' of SXSW. No complaints from me that it has lost the original intent for those small indie bands to get recognized and signed to a major label. Who cares about the commercialism and the success of the interactive portion, the film portion, or the flat stock...fuck, I live here and fuckin love it.

An Austin favorite and transplanted sons of the city, Blue October, headlined a free show with Bowling for Soup. Holy hell this was awesome.

Bowling for Soup ) Now I will admit that at first I didn't place the name with the music (shame on me), but neither did Angel, although she did completely acknowledge that she knew the voice...whatever! It seems that these guys are always visiting and playing somewhere in town. With comic timing and fart stories galore, the lead singer actually made it fun and entertaining to be in the heat of the 'dust bowl' that is Auditorium Shores. Completely entertaining to have the band laughing and having a good time onstage as well as being playful with the audience. Well worththe price of admission, LOL! They do the theme song to the GREATEST cartoon in the world...NO! not the one about the sponge, 'Phineas and Ferb'! It was actually quite awesome to see so many people young and old singing and dancing to a cartoon theme song. Then it was the big hit '1985', even more fun to hear everyone singing along with that!

Blue October  ( ) was just stunning. Going to this show with Angel was a great time, especially the day before her birthday, what a treat!. To top it off, enjoying the show with someone who knew the music of Blue October, but didn't realize who the band was until they heard/saw the music, very fun and exciting. The visions that Justin weaves with his voice and the music is breath taking. From the first time I saw Blue October, the many other shows I have seen by them, to the current incarnation, I will say that it really isn't a show for youngsters. Lyrically they are as real as life is harsh, no complaints just the truth. They may have the top 40 hits supporting they're younger fan base, but moms and dads, they perform it as viciously as it is/was to write and live for the band. The most recent leg of their tour will bring them back through Austin shortly (check the link) as an acoustic performance. Go and enjoy the beautiful bitter side of life.