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Monday, April 18, 2011

They got Soul...for the 70's

A trip to the Nomad bar ( ) on a Sunday evening was quite nice. A little patio area on the side, the bar area is very cool and then another room in the front. Plenty of area to hang out and chill, drink a beer, do trivia, or listen to a band.

The Soul Pilots ( ) performed on this particular night. WOW! I just had a flashback to that 70's groove-a-licious sound. You know the sound I am talking about...the song that is playing in the background in that scene in the movie where the bad guy hero is right about to nail that hot ass, innocent sexy chick. Yup! That sound. So now I know what the soundtrack to being 'stoned immaculate' is like.

So here is another band that has multiple people sharing vocal duties. It does work out well here as they both have singular and distinct sounds and styles. It was all good because everyone on stage was having a blast. With songs like 'Electric Lover' (dedicated to your girlfriends battery operated lover) there are several tracks to pick and choose from to make your own favorite. The drummer has enough energy to hand out to everyone in the audience in bagfuls and still pound it out. AND I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYONE play the cowbell with more enthusiasm...Christopher Walken would be so proud he would cry. The keyboard/bass/guitar/vocalist (really....dude get a job!) ended the set on a song that totally had the whole place down in front and jumping and dancing, the crowd absolutely loved it. Really impressed with the sound of this song and going from the growl to the falsetto was a shock, a laugh, and great.

If I could find my damn camera I will upload some pics.