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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mo music at MoMo's

You really need to take an evening, choose the musical menu that suits your taste and then make your way up the side stairs to MoMo's ). You will have a great time. I still enjoy the deck with outside bar. The music carries well to the deck and the view is pretty damn good from just about any location out there.

Wheeler Brothers, Hudson Moore and Eagle Pritchard Murray Band (EPMB). Not really a country night, but a rockin evening for sure.

The Wheeler Brothers!/WheelerBros?sk=app_2405167945 ) have a definitive country/folk sound to their rockin set. All of the energy was felt by the crowd...and I am tellin you..that bass player had some serious energy. He played like he was onstage at the Grammy's. The bare feet were also quite a surprise and very much gave the audience the vibe of a care free good time. The opportunity to go check these guys out during the day, outside at a festival, would be a must for any Austin music fan or any music goer coming into town for a weekend event. The music was great and the crowd was totally and completely into it. My photographer had to really push through to get some decent pics. Actually for all the bands, the crowd was totally into the performances on this particular evening.

Hudson Moore ) This was my second time to enjoy a Hudson Moore performance. From then 'til now, there was a decided polish to the music. Less of a country feel but more of a country sound, yeah I know that sounds weird...whatever! I was there for his premier/inaugural performance months ago and with a ton of people onstage it was crazy. Crazy good, but crazy. It seems that Mr Moore has cored down the band slightly and put a tad bit more experience under their collective belts. With this change comes a tighter, cleaner sound. The band has meshed together as a single unit, you know it and feel it in the audience. The songs are easy to dance to and humm or sing with. I have recently been downtown (did SoCo for a First Thursday and that was a shitload of fun, but I will tell you that later) and there I beheld fliers for a Hudson Moore show. So go out, support local Austin music have fun, and kick up your heels with Hudson Moore.

Eagle Pritchard Murray Band ( ) wrapped the nite. After spending and evening with them while they were shooting their video for "Favorite Misery" ( ) a few weeks earlier, it was fantastic to hear their full catalog. Although they smile, laugh, and have a great time on stage they are very serious about the music and the performance. These guys entertain the crowd. It's energetic, it's soulful, and sometimes it's silly (if they dont play that Cee Lo Green song then forget you). Although I tried my damndest to get my darling Angel on the floor to dance with me, it was great fun to be there in the audience with EVERYONE singing, dancing, and just plain old acting like drunken fools to great music. No doubt the night would not be wasted if you make a plan to see EPMB.

A special thanks for Angel joining us to shoot the pictures (which you will see in a bit). To Kathryn the beer thief, you rock. Mijita, it is always wonderful with you hanging out and putting up with me.