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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

They bum rushed the stage!!!!

Threadgills south ( ) is such an amazing location, not really downtown and not really NOT downtown. The outdoor stage area that hugs Riverside is pretty fuckin cool. Nice stage set up, a couple of little bars, absolutely perfect for a nice intimate performance from/for ANY artist! I didn't get to visit the inside or eat lunch this day (yup! my loss) as I was on a super tight schedule.

The focus of my attention was at 11 a.m., really, 11 a.m! So for a Saturday morning this early I could hear the crowd from the parking lot. With the featured artist on stage and completely flowing with the rhymes and his A M A Z I N G   DJ (Abe), it was an early morning party that was just to die for. Stepping into the lot I could see the crowd was on their feet. Everybody was moving and having a great time. I saw some buddies from another band that were out as well, enjoy the sounds.

There is absolute joy in hearing these rhymes with the music flowing underneath. It is like that comfort food that takes you back to your childhood...whether it be a PB&J, watermelon on a hot summers day, or hot dog with all the fixins...this is comfort food for your ears and your soul!

UNFORTUNATELY two songs in and the crowd bum rushed the stage. DUDE, I am tellin you, they were all over the stage, on the stairs, and even trying to snag the mic! It was chaos and pandemonium. BUT as the professional he is, with a call for everyone to sing a along, he took complete control again. So with a dozen extra bodies on stage, the show raged on.

Now with this happening on the stage you would have been surprised to see that the overwhelming majority of the crowd was just hanging out in their chairs or by the bar and just having a good time. You even had some folks laughing and applauding at the activity on the stage...oh well, all in a days work for the life a beloved musician.

This show, unfortunately, does not make regular stops here in Austin. It is Imperative that you make a point to visit the web site, check the dates, and in tow or not, it will be a very joyous occasion and celebration!

Yes I said 'kids in tow'. This is a performance by Big Don ). Look it up, find a show, and relive your youth!