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Monday, May 2, 2011

It is another premier show!

A nice Sunday drive out to Seguin to see a band perform, not a bad way to spend a few hours. It is only a 30-45 minute drive, somewhat the same if you were going from one direction in Austin to another and using I-35. So if there is an event that you wanted to do but thought twice because it was out of the city...just go.

The Ryan Mars ). Although these guys, as a group, are making their debut jump into the Austin music scene they are not new to the music scene.

Playing a Benefit for The Ronald McDonald House is definitely the way to do it for premier show. The country sound of The Ryan Mars Band is definitive. With their country roots showing their performance was fun. An outdoor venue can always present a challenge sound and crowd wise, and a college university is no exception and I must say they carried it well. The small things I could complain about are bullshit things of note that would be fixed by playing at any bar with a decent sound man, nuff said. It will be nice for these guys to get some live performances in under their belt to sharpen up the sound and vocals, but nothing devastating to them as a band. Although an ass load of rehearsals really improve the cohesiveness of any band, I whole heartedly believe it is the LIVE PERFORMANCE and interaction with the crowd that makes a band. This is why I look forward to these gentlemen hitting up more shows and seeing how they grow over the next year or so. The personal timeline of a year or so is just my experience in following any of the bands that I see and write about. Without question it seems that after about a year or so of playing gigs, EVERYONE of theses bands just appears more comfortable and sharper from the same time a year earlier.

The set for Ryan Mars Band consisted of a two-parter...The first half was composed mainly of originals which were standard fare for any country band, and then the second half which was mainly covers. I really liked the way they did this. It was very fun for the crowd. a whole lot of audience participation. Ending with the uptempo original was great and they way I always believe you should leave the crowd...on their feet.